200 Powerful woman they have never seen!!

"For now and to the last, I could only count on them to support you and follow you. I can't rely on Council to protect you in worse. It's time to show up who you truly are, my dear" Jasper told, caressing her cheeks. 

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Biyu nodded her head, her eyes filled with determination and her decision resolute. 

"I will, Jasper. Don't worry about me" she smiled and hugged him. 

"We are together in this, Eve. I will be standing with you, right beside you but if something worse happen…..then I want you to be ready for anything that might come in to your path" Jasper said hugging her. He buried his face in her hair and nuzzled his nose against her neck. 

"You should get ready, dear. We will be leaving soon" Jasper said as he looked at the time. 

They are in this room, hugging each other for almost half an hour. 

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