35 Plan to bring William down

Meanwhile at Linda and Jasper's side…

Linda directly led him to the floor below and showed him his cabin.

She of course didn't recognize him. Moreover it's been many years she saw him and including this he dyed his hair black.

Evelyn (Biyu) insisted and he didn't had any choice. She even gave him contact lenses to hide his blue eyes.

And of course after doing all these, who can recognize him…..no one right.

"Mr. Braxton….the meeting is about the project we will be working together for the next two months. I think you are already received an email and please contact me if you need any help" Linda said.

As Linda doesn't know his real surname she didn't realize that he is her first love.

Meanwhile Jasper is really nervous and he felt awkward.

It's been many years that he felt everything about her is new. It is like meeting a new person but with same features as his first love.

Somehow she looked more timid and reserved. The previous charm and glow in her face is gone.

After Linda went back, Jasper couldn't help but look upstairs. Evelyn didn't come down yet…

After seeing how William was looking at Evelyn he felt very uncomfortable and reluctant to leave her alone with him.

He couldn't help but get deeply worried about her…

And he never felt like this with anyone ever before…..not even Linda.

Sighing again he left her a message and started to see the reports. It didn't take him more than ten minutes to look into everything…..he is after all a genius.

After that he hacked into the CCTV cameras and first checked on Eve. He saw William sending her out...but something felt wrong

As she safely went back he then focused on Linda.

She is currently in her cabin sipping her wine. There is a cigarette chucked away in the ash tray…

"Linda, you changed so much" Jasper mumbled. Is she the same girl who use to blush even at the simple gestures like cheek kisses.

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She even asked him to promise that he will never smoke…..but here she is doing the same thing.

He sighed and looked around. He noticed that she mostly stay in the office more than her home.

It somehow felt fishy….

She is in relationship with her boss and if he was her boss then he would have never allowed her to work at all, let alone agree for overtime. But here...William is literally forcing all his work on her.

And he also realized that no one in the company knows about the relationship between William and Linda.

If he was the person rather than William he would have surely publicized about their relationship...until unless he wants to hide it from someone. If they love each other sincerely he should at least talk to his parents about it.

But William didn't and that is the reason they are still looking for a bride for him.

Does that mean William don't love Linda in a sincere way!!

He should be up to something….

Jasper's eyes dangerously narrow but he was again disturbed by the knock.

The meeting is about to start…


Meanwhile at Biyu (Evelyn's) side.

As soon as she got out of Ye corps she directly drove back to the next city.

Su couple and Mingyu are also there when she entered their consultancy/secret base.

"As you asked….we tried to find out what all have happened in Linda's life in this few years. But everything came blank. We don't know why she abruptly left country X and immigrated to China. We don't know where her parents or who her parents are"

"Moreover we even don't know if they are alive or not. As for the information you asked….yes. Ye family is still looking for the perfect match for William and it is too obvious that they don't know about Linda" Mingyu said.

"As for what I know, Mr. and Mrs. Ye really care a lot about their reputation. Even if William wants to marry Linda…they will surely not allow" Su Ming said.

"And the real reason for that is Ye family is again having an internal dispute." Her husband Su Jun continued.

Biyu nodded her head. "It make sense why he is in hurry to get married to a girl from prestigious and powerful family. He is afraid that his position as president of Ye corporations will be snatched away. To prevent that….he needs a proper support" she guessed it and other's nodded their heads.

"If you want to take him down….we can easily make it possible. He is having a mistress" Mingyu suggested.

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