151 Once I start....

"Yes, I will Mei!! I planned to show myself up. Very soon but not today…I still have some last minute errands to run. And, thanks for believing in me. I gotta go now" saying so Linda ended the call. 

Mei stared at her mobile for few more seconds and then chucked it away on the couch. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. 

Feng is really a beast!! He had made many hickeys on her cleavage and even her collarbone. To make it worst, even on her arm!!

His intentions are way too clear. He doesn't want her to wear anything revealing for the date her brother planned for her. Neither she is interested, but she really loves Feng's jealousy when someone stare at her. 

"My queen, our breakfast is ready to be served." Feng who just came inside dotingly told and hugged her tightly before placing kisses on her neck again. 

But, he couldn't help but feel that something is amiss. His Wifey is thinking of something else!!

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