145 Office romance??

"I am not manager for either of them. What will I do by being there with them" Jasper chuckled. 

"But, still. If someone…..wait, wait, wait. What did you just say right now?" Biyu asked totally confused. 

She still doesn't know that her Jasper will be her manager. 

Jasper chuckled and pinched her cheek lovingly. He lightly pecked her lips and whispered, "Yep. I am your manager baby girl. We can have an office romance you know" 

Biyu just blinked her eyes and looked at him with same wide eyes. "Office?" she asked. As far as she remembers, they have decided not to reveal the close connection between Braxton corporations and ADORN. 

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And, Jasper of course understood what she was thinking. 

"Hmm…..there isn't a rule that office romance should happen only in your fianceé's office. I wanted to do it in my baby girl's working place" Jasper seductively winked and suddenly pulled her into his hug. 

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