39 Now she realized!!

"Biyu. He don't love you for real…...he is having another girlfriend too. Her name is Catherine….the same girl who you loathe so much" Mingyu dropped a bomb. 

For one second Biyu almost felt her world turn up side down. Her mind went blank and her heart started thumping erratically…

Another girlfriend!!

And that is Catherine!!

As soon as she heard it, she almost didn't believe it. 

But now it started making sense…..her clouded mind started to clear up at last, she started seeing past his fake facade. 

When she started picking up all the pieces….she couldn't help but tremble. Austin is not only cheating on her but he is actually using her!! 

He might have found out that her real name is Evelyn 'Walker'. And her surname would have given away everything….

If he or his boss is actually trying to take down the council…..they should be actually well aware of the family called 'Walker',

So when they got to find out that she is the only heiress of Walker family they would have started investigating about her…..

Only after finding about everything related to her, he would have proposed to  her. Now it started making sense why he abruptly started getting close to her all in sudden. Why he proposed to her in very short span of time and pampered her rotten. 

He made her feel like she is the luckiest girlfriend alive on the earth. In very short span of time he made many sweet memories for her to remember something that when he asks her for the favor she wouldn't deny it. 

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And of course….just like how he planned, a love sick fool like her agreed to everything and willingly fell in his trap.

"Biyu!!" her brother Feng shook her shoulders, worried about her. 

After hearing it from Mingyu she sat there rooted….just like statue. She didn't even blink her eyes or moved an inch. 

She is in shock…..terrible shock. 

"Biyu….at least you found out that he is cheating on you. You still have a chance to back off and if you are really hurt because of it, I and Mingyu can destroy him. Please don't sit like this….talk something" her cousin, Zhou pleaded her. 

Is she hurt??

When Biyu thought about it….she couldn't help but deny it. 

But she is not hurt because Austin didn't love her wholeheartedly. Even she knew that and likewise her feelings for him are just because she is infatuated. After meeting Jasper she realized that what she had for Austin is nothing but infatuation. 

It do hurt her a little because of the bitter fact that he is using her for his selfish purpose. It made her loathe him when she remembered that his actual girlfriend is Catherine….her rival. 

But what made her suffocate with guilt and shame is that….she betrayed Jasper. 

A person like him doesn't deserve to be cheated. She knew it since long that she is making a mistake by acting as a spy….but she is too selfish and blinded by Austin's fake love….

But now….

She realized it without any confusions and feelings clouding her mind…..but it is too late 

The damage is done and there is no way back. Thank god that she didn't give him every information related to council. 

"Biyu?? Are you okay" Mingyu shook her shoulder vigorously making her come out of her daze. 

"Sis…there is nothing for you to feel sad. Nothing much happened between you two right? Then you can still break up with him without any regret. Don't feel sad….sometimes everyone make a mistake. But it differed depending on whether you redeem it or not." Mingyu patted her head. 

Her cousin brother Feng looked at his sister and sighed. 

"You want to come back home? I will talk to grandparents" Feng asked very worried about her. 

Biyu swallowed her sorrow and nodded her head NO. She needs some alone time to think what she has to do now. 

Crying like this drowning in regret won't do anything good. As the time is very limited she must think of alternative to correct the mistakes what she did. 

The thing is simple….she just have to stop Austin from doing what he wanted to do. The logic is quite simple but she is clueless how to do it. 

She needs some time to think about it…

She is not going to give up…..she will surely take revenge on Austin for betraying and using her. 

But before this she has to stop Austin from doing something that would affect Jasper. 

Wiping away her years, Biyu looked at her cousin brother Feng. Her eyes are red but not because of the self pity but because of raging anger. 

Unlike some others who would drown in their distress, she is determined to stop Austin. She is not a simple girl to act inferior to him….if she would have plotted anything against him….he would have been as good as dead by now. 

But now…..the time is very limited. 

"No Gege….I am fine. I want some time to clear up my head. I will meet you in tomorrow's board meeting at evening" Biyu smiled assuring them that she will be fine. 

After bidding them good night she directly hit the highway to the City K….where Austin is in now. 

Not that she don't believe what her brother Mingyu said ...but she want to see it with her own eyes and remember it to her heart. 

It is only when she will be able to take a proper payback 

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