172 Now it starts...

Will she be able to accept it?? 

He knows how much she loves her family but, with this new problem staring at them, Biyu must sacrifice somethings again. 

"What's bothering you, Jas?? You are spacing out a lot" Biyu asked worriedly for which Jasper could only smile a little and nod his head. 


In hospital… 

"Oh god, you both came" Feng sighed in relief. 

"You are fine right, Biyu?? Are you hurt anywhere??" Feng asked hugging his sister to his chest. 

He was dead worried about her as much as he was worried for Ye Mei. He found out how much she risked her own life just to save his Ye Mei. 

"She is fine. No any physical injuries" Jasper assured his friend. Looking at Feng whose face is lifeless and gloomy with Ye Mei thoughts, Jasper couldn't help but remember himself when Biyu has left him. 

He felt pity for Feng. Jasper knows how that feels like. 

Right now, all Feng needs is reassurance and courage. 

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