"I 'was' one of them. And, I didn't run away back then because of this. There is another reason why I had to do it and, that is because I didn't wanted you people to get into danger because of me" *Linda* told. 

Jasper frowned and he looked at his Eve who is in same page as him. 

To protect them, she ran way?? 

To protect them from whom, exactly!??

And, why would she even be a threat to them??

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"And, that is?" Jasper asked. Rather not like a question but like a command that has to be followed. 

"Have you guys ever heard of the white shadows organization's ruler??" Linda asked. 

"Not exactly. We are aware that it was once ruled by a old man but few years back his grandson took the throne after that old man's death. Except for this we couldn't dig much" Biyu answered 

*Linda* nodded her head and looked at both of them. 

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