105 Mysterious....

But Biyu knows that this is inevitable situation. She is in Linda's body so, she must eliminate all the dangers against her. 

Sighing deeply, Biyu safely locked the paper in the chamber of her vanity table. 

At first she decided not to inform Jasper and make him worry about this as well. However, she remembered something. 

In her first life, before her reincarnation, she did the same mistake. She didn't confess everything to Jasper and made her own decisions. 

If she would have talked with him at that time and confessed about her betrayal, Jasper might have understood her and helped her with Austin. If that would have happened, she would have been alive now!! 

This all have happened because of lack of  communication. And, she don't want to do the same mistake now. She will tell Jasper about this letters and Linda. 

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