191 My wife is Ms. Zhou

Mr. Braxton is actually interested in trivial matters like this!! 

"We are not finished yet" he told. 

Taking Biyu's hand which is on the table, he gently squeezed her hand. 

For everyone this is like a dream. 

What the heck is happening here??

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Mr. Braxton took Ms. Zhou's hand into his!!

It is so, so intimate!!

Biyu smiled and leaned little closer to Jasper. 

Squeezing his hand gently she smiled at him. 

"Me and my fiancée have came to an agreement." Jasper told. 

As soon as his words escaped his lips, everyone gasped and gaped at them. 

Especially William. 

So, Linda doesn't have sugar daddy. 

She is truly engaged and that too with a handsome, rich guy….especially an powerful one. 

His veins throbbed with jealousy and his knuckles turned white because of his clenching fists. 

He wants Linda. 

He never got to enjoy her!!

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