113 My special reason is....

"Could we know this special reason, sir?" The reporter asked, totally excited. 

And the next answer Feng gave, it totally shocked them.    

"I am here to spend some time with my adopted, cousin sister" Feng answered rather smartly. 

If he tells that he is here to meet her, they might think that he is meeting her after many years. And this might bring Biyu into picture. So, He said that he is here to spend some time with his sister. 

Everyone is shocked by him again. And the reporter couldn't help but ask for further details. 

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"She doesn't stay here in the country and she is a very busy figure too. So, she has only come to attend this banquet" Feng said. 

Well, he knows that he lied. But what can he do? Biyu asked him to tell it  like this and he is just fulfilling her request. 

"Sir, is she the adopted sister of Ms. Biyu" 

"Yes" Feng answered. 

"That means…" 

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