74 My love....

["But, you have told me once that….that we can redeem our mistakes….and it is never late to make things right.. As I can't return back through the time and stop myself from betraying you….all I could do is to redeem myself. So, here I am…destroying all the information I passed to Austin about you and the council." Biyu said and turned the camera to another computer. Then she clicked the self virus option and the tab she gave to Austin started erasing the memory.]

["Still, I know that it will not change anything. At first I thought that Austin and his boss only wanted information about you and council, but later I found out that they want to kill you. But don't worry, they can't even touch a single strand of your hair till my last breath. I have successfully jeopardized their attempt to kill you and have succeeded in distracting them from you…..now, I am their main target because I have betrayed them. As you are no longer in city H for them to attack you….they can't do anything." Biyu said as she smiled genuinely.]

["For true love. I am ready to sacrifice myself for you and I am very happy to do it. I wish you a good life Jasper. I think, you will forgive me for all that have happened. The memories I had with you are the sweetest ones, but sadly I will not be there to share them with you anymore. Lastly, I wanted you to know that I love you a lot, good bye my love. Good bye….to my brother and my family. I wish that you guys will forgive me too…"]


The video turned off, leaving everyone in a pin drop silence. 

Everyone of them are moved to the core of their hearts by what they have witnessed now. It is really emotional and heart moving. 

Biyu did all this just because she want to save Jasper!! 

She really love him a lot!!

Meanwhile, Biyu perched on to the nearby chair, her eyes red and brimmed with tears. In no time they started to slip down her face. 

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She isn't shocked at all. It is just that she didn't expect this outcome….

She is adamant about this decision of her because she knew that if she love someone to her heart she will be ready to go to any lengths for them. 

So, she is in love with Jasper that too head over heels in love!!

Prior to all this, she knew that there are chances that she will die!! 

"Biyu" Feng softly called her as he gently held both of her shoulders from front. 

"Hmm" Biyu responded but she didn't have any energy to respond. 

"Sissy, you fine!!" Feng asked concernedly. 

Biyu came out of her reverie and meekly lifted her head. Tears running down her face. 

"Will Jasper forgive me?" that was the first question it came out of her mouth. 

Though she is in different body now, her heart is still the same. She still love him as much as she did before reincarnation. It is just that…she don't remember it. 

But now….she is aware of her feelings. She is certain of their love now…..

Even he love her a lot… 

And she love him too… 

But, the only problem is that she is in different body now….

"Biyu, don't stress out much. We found out that your death is not an accident….so, we have to be careful. First, take care of your health and go for the sessions Blake is taking for you" Feng and Mingyu said gently. 

"I will be going back now. I have to go back to Adorn…." Biyu stood up. 

"I will drop you" Su Ming volunteered. 

With the condition Biyu is in….she knew that her mind will be elsewhere. 

"Hmm" Biyu nodded her head. 


"Sir, we investigated about Austin. He proposed to Ms. Zhou the day he saved her from accident and she agreed. As they were college mates, Ms. Zhou had crush on him." The leader of the first team informed Jasper. 

They are now in the newly constructed branch of Braxton corps. He called all his teams for a meeting. 

"But later Ms. Zhou found out that he is cheating on her" he said. "That happened exactly a month before her death" 

At first when Jasper heard that Eve already had boyfriend…..his heart felt heavy. 

Not because of the fact that she was in love with other person but because of the reason that she didn't share with him. 

Whereas, he shared everything with her. 

But when his subordinate said that her heart was broken a month before her death, it made him suspicious. 

Was Austin one of the reason she is dead??

"What about his background?" Jasper asked. 

"Sir, he is a shareholder in RB corps and a director there. But he is also a racer by profession…..an international racer. It is how Ms. Zhou met him actually" his subordinate explained. 

Now it made sense….

As she like racing, she would have joined in racing club. As, Austin is the top and famous racer….she got infatuated by him. This made her have crush on him. 

"That's okay. How about his personal background. Is it suspicious?" Jasper asked. 

"No, sir. We tried our level best to dig up his history. But we didn't find any suspicious history….except for his temper" 

Jasper narrowed his eyes and he fell in deep thoughts. Why do he feel…Austin is no ordinary??

"I don't think so. Dig up more deeper and I want a detailed information about him on this table by next week. Your team has one more week to provide me the information about Evelyn and Austin" Jasper said and his subordinate politely nodded his head and rushed back. 

Next, the leader of other team came inside. 

They are allotted to check on Evelyn's accident..  

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