138 My baby is so possessive

But it is worth to live for. She has got a chance to reunite with the love of her life and choose the career she desired most for. 

She got her Jasper and for being with him, she is ready to even travel to hell and back.

"Jas, I want your help in one of the matter" Biyu asked as they got inside of the car. 

"Babe, you just have to order me." Jasper lovingly told as he cupped her cheeks and looked intently into her eyes. 

He kissed her forehead and then pecked her eyes. "Stop worrying this much baby. Everything will be fine" he caressed her lips and leaned his head against hers. 

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As Jasper doesn't know that Linda is alive, he is thinking like this. What if Linda's presence will intensify the situation?

"I wish so" she sighed and smiled little. 

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