224 More suspicious

"And, please tell me what you wanted to ask yesterday. I promise I will listen to it with uttermost seriousness" Jasper said.

"But please don't give me cold shoulder like this. See how my eyes have become without proper sleep" Jasper pouted. 

Biyu melted down and she couldn't help but turn around and hug him.

"I just wanted to know if white shadow organization has this technology of changing people's faces and duplicate the imposter with same face. Can they somehow manipulate people DNA too so that no one will get suspected" she asked. 

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Jasper frowned but he continued hugging his wife. 

It isn't totally impossible. 

With the enough time and modern equipment coupled with experienced scientists nothing is impossible. 

If Biyu's thoughts are somehow related to finding the mole planted by Martin, Jasper couldn't help worry. 

Then it will not only be very difficult to identify the mole but also in whom they have to trust. 

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