67 Missing anyone??

"And, the person at your graveyard is none other than Jasper Braxton" Su Jun told. 

"Yes, it is your uncle Zack who gave him a pass card to enter" Su Ming affirmed. 

They both were actually sitting upstairs and they were finding who that man at graveyard is….

"Jasper??!! What is he doing at my grave" Biyu asked in incredulity. 

He even kissed her tomb!! 

The pain on his face is too obvious to ignore!! 

It is too crystal clear that his feelings for her are deeper than a friendship or mere acquaintance.  

More than this, she is much more astonished because he knows her previous self even before she reincarnated. 

They both knew each other before she reincarnated in Linda's body.. 

That's truly shocking to believe… but, even her reincarnation is also hard to believe. 

Miracles indeed happen!! 

But, how come….in this whole big world, their life's are so entwined. 

Is it really their destiny??

"Yes, he is Jasper. It  seems like he truly cares about you Biyu.." Su Ming voiced out her thoughts. 

She and her husband are actually very shocked after hearing this reincarnation story. It is hard to believe but it is too obvious to deny it either. 

The girl standing infront of them might not look like Biyu, but by heart and mind….she is their Biyu only. 

Moreover, they believe in miracles. Otherwise, their encounter wouldn't have happened as well. 

"But Biyu, we don't know what has really happened between both of you. We just knew that you guys are friends and you wanted to help him. You are the reason he found Linda again. Previously when we were checking, you are helping him in all the ways to reunite with his love" Mingyu said busy in his own reverie. 

"But it seems like he is in love with you, Biyu. After your death, he even visited our grandparents and he looked pretty disturbed" her cousin, Feng recalled. "He even visited your grave every month on the day you died. He even knows what you like" Feng chuckled. 

"Seems like you both are closer than friends and little less closer than couple" Mingyu countered. 

"She was in relationship with Austin at that time remember!! That might be the reason she held back" Su Ming said. 

"She would have realized it later…" Su Jun voiced out his thoughts. 

"No, Jasper love Linda right" Su Jun asked. 

"Not anymore." Biyu mumbled. He never took any advances nor he tried to bring the past while talking. 

He cares for her but it is just like how Alex and Liam care for her. Even she knew that he is angry on Linda for leaving him. 

Meanwhile, this of course gave a headache to Biyu. She is sure that something big has happened in her life….but she couldn't put a finger on it. 

"Guys… guys…..it's enough. I am standing right over here and you all are talking as if I am dead!! Give me some time to proceed these things in my mind" Biyu hissed as she rubbed her forehead. 

Others couldn't help but look at her with sorry face. When she died, they couldn't do anything but sit like this and talk about her. 

They missed her so much that they use to shed silent tears thinking about what has happened.. 

Now, she is back….so, it is little difficult for them to believe it. They are afraid that it is their dream and next time they wake up she will vanish. 

Feng became really emotional that he couldn't help but hug her. "Biyu, we will not let anything happen to you ever again. You might be different now….but the bond between us will remain the same" he said. 

Even Biyu's eyes teared up and she hugged her cousin brother. "Gege…..I am still your sister and I will remain the same." She said.

"Everyone of us…all right" Biyu emotionally said. 

"Then you must share everything with us. We will help you revenge Linda and we will help you with Austin and Catherine too" Mingyu said as he hugged her. 

"Of course….I will. But before this…I should regain my memories" Biyu said. "We will slowly tell gramps and Grammy too" she looked at Feng. 

"You want my help? I know a psychologist who can help you to open up your memories" Feng asked. 

"But I am having problem with Linda's memories too" Biyu said. "I don't know why she left Jasper….but I am sure that something bigger happened" 

"We will help you with that too" Feng smiled affectionately. 

Later they helped her in filling up everything they knew about her in this six months. However, it was not useful because she was in country X back then. 

They don't know much about her daily life. But after talking to them, she found out how Austin cheated on her and how William cheated on Linda. 

After finding out that, her blood boiled. According to what she knew about Linda, Biyu is sure that Linda isn't a fool. 

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She might have already seen past his fake façade, but why did she tolerate him? 

Linda is full of mysteries but for now, Biyu want to focus on recovering her memories and taking revenge for Linda….


At evening….

"You look sad" Biyu asked Jasper who is standing at balcony. 

"Hmm...I am" Jasper said without any further thoughts. 

"Missing anyone?" She asked. 

Biyu doesn't want to beat around bushes. She just want to know everything soon enough because her guts are telling her that something big is going to happen soon. 

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