25 Meeting Linda

As Biyu asked, all three of them decided to visit City H. They hacked into Linda's personal phone and sent her a message to come to Elite night.

As they sent it by using her fiancé's sister's ID, Linda will of course come.

After making sure their tracks are well covered, Biyu and others rested till the afternoon before going to City H, which is actually the home city of four of them.

Though they can open their consultancy(Secret hacker's base) in the city H itself they couldn't do it.

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Each and every one of them are very well known in the city. They couldn't take the risk of getting exposed.

After one hour of journey they reached the city H and they directly went to Su Jun's house.

Elite nightclub actually belongs to her friend Mingyu and it is a high end social club.

After dressing up according to the dress code of that day, they went to the club.

Biyu and Mingyu….like always acted as couple because he don't want his sexuality to be exposed.

So, he is even famously known as play boy.

Su couple who are the power couple of the city….they again attracted the attention of many unwanted flies.

But here….the funny twist is no one knows that Biyu is acquainted with the Su couple.


In the night club…

When Mingyu and Biyu arrived, they first spotted William Ye (Linda's fiancé) in the database list of the visitors of nightclub. He is with his mistress but they booked a private room.

"Ahh….coincidence. What if Linda see them?" Mingyu asked Biyu.

"I am excited sis" he chuckled.

"That's not a coincidence bruh. He came here because of me….I wanted him to come so I made him come" Biyu shrugged her shoulders and nonchalantly said.

Mingyu shook his head. The little devil inside her is awake….

Now, he have to see patiently who will become her prey. It must have been very long since she played with someone.

"So, you have a plan for that Bastard too" Mingyu smirked.

"Nahh…..not a big one though. I am just giving a head start to Jasper" Biyu said as she went into the main hall of the club.

She spotted her friends Su Jun and Su Ming but they are busy in talking to someone like always.

Little far from them sat a girl. Her almond like eyes are fixated on her mobile and her grey eye balls were quietly reading the content.

Her sweetheart lips are adorned with a red matte lipstick and her black hair is bundled on her shoulders. Few strands of her hair is sprayed freely on her face making her look even more beautiful.

Her petite, hour glass like figure of course earned many people's attention as they saw her with lusty eyes.

She is overall very beautiful and sexy at the same time.

"She is more beautiful than in the photo you showed me" Biyu said.

"Well, yeah. Even I am thinking of changing my sexuality for her" Mingyu joked. He usually don't like to see woman in that way because he is overly attracted to handsome hunks.

Biyu rolled her eyes as she spotted him eyeing at the man who is busy in kissing his own girlfriend.

"Hey…bro. If you do this I will tell your boyfriend. He will come and take you back" Biyu joked.

"Ahh….no need sissy. Come let's go and sit" he tugged her to the nearby corner seats.

"Mmm...wait. I will bring some drinks for us" Biyu said and walked towards the bar counter Linda is sitting.

"Usual please" Biyu said.

"Sure…Ms. Zhou. It's been a while you came here" the person who is in the bar counter making the drinks said politely.

"Yeah Fin. I was in country X for past few weeks." Biyu deliberately stressed the words 'Country X'.

It is after all where Linda and Jasper met. It is where the head quarters of Council is located.

Meanwhile Linda heard the word country X and her hands froze as she took the glass. But within a second she returned back to normal and she started scrolling the posts in her phone.

Whereas Biyu thought that Linda will be dazed for longer time. She didn't expect this from Linda….

"Oh…that's good. Miss…..I hope everything went well" The bartender said.

"Haha….yeah Fin. Everything is good and I even met a person a sexy hunk with blue eyes and blonde hair. He is too hot and not to tell how sexy he looks with that scar at his eyebrow." Biyu squealed.

In country X, there are very few people with Blonde hair. As it is not the native hair type of the country it is foreign to them in country X.

The people who have blue eyes are also very rare. This was enough for Linda to remember Jasper but Biyu even mentioned the scar on cutting his eyebrow.

This must make Linda remember Jasper because he got that scar because of her.

But Linda just looked at them and told them to talk little lower. As if she didn't remember anyone she continued sipping her drink.

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