33 Meeting Linda after ten years.

Ye corporations…..

As the clock ticked nine…..both Biyu (Evelyn) and Jasper arrived at Ye corporations.

It is a thirty two floors building with glass windows on all its four sides. But that is no way compared to the Braxton corporations of Jasper.

It is just one by tenth of his companies main branch.

"This is where Linda is working since last year" Biyu said.

"Hmm…..I will ask my people to look for the building double of its side and make it my sub branch here in City H" Jasper said.

Biyu didn't even know whether to laugh or cry. He is being petty…..

They didn't even go in and here he is….competing.

"Your wish. Make it double or triple….but do it fast" Biyu said as they walked inside together.

"No need to search actually. My brother in law (Scott) actually made a plans to open the sub branch of his company. The building is almost done, so I am doing to use it" Jasper said.

"Your brother in law agreed?" Biyu asked.

"Well, my brother in law will give her whatever she wants. She just have to ask him…..that's it" Jasper said. He actually learned the shamelessness from them.

He is so romantic by heart and little perverted. This is all because of his sister, brother in law and rest of his family.

But he have also learned one thing. All those romance, shamelessness and pervert nature will be only for the person they truly love.

Even Linda didn't know this version of Jasper. Though they are childhood sweethearts since they are twelve nothing happened between them.

They are no any different from friends but the only thing that varies is that they use to kiss, hug and cuddle too.


Biyu could already feel the employees staring at them. Jasper is very handsome and he is of course a foreigner….so he caught everybody's attention. With this included, each and everyone of them know who Biyu is.

The only granddaughter of Zhou corporations came to visit their CEO!!

As like always they started anticipation more.

William's assistant who saw them arrived at the entrance rushed in and politely welcomed them.

The woman standing in front of him might turn out be his future Madam…..so he is extra polite and attentive towards them.


Meanwhile on the top floor.

William Ye is sitting on his chair as he gazed at Linda who is making him coffee. He just got a message from his assistant that Biyu arrived.

Now, he is thinking hard how to manage Linda so he can spend some private time with Biyu without knowing to Linda.

"Linda….you remember the Westside project right. A new director will be coming today and you should explain him about it." He said as he looked at her intently.

Linda passed him the coffee and sat across him. "Yeah I will do that. Don't worry" she smiled.

She was a model and actress back then but she did her business management when she is oversees. So, to be frank she is more capable than William itself.

That is the other reason he always ask her to take up the main projects. While she will be busy working her ass off, he will be enjoying his life as a play boy.

"And…..I might not come back today night. I have to stay in in my parents home" he said.

Actually he will be going to his mistress today night. As she will be going abroad for a fashion show he decided to have his fullest till she come back.

Linda is intimate with him but not to the extent he feel satisfied. At first when he saw her in one of the fashion show he decided to toy with her for some days and dispose her.

But she was not easy as he thought. It took him really a long time to get what he wanted. And in meanwhile he acknowledged her business skills. He thought of using her for both personal and professional life.

And here she is….working almost half of his work.

"It's fine. Your parents need you too" Linda pursed her lips.

Though it's been more than a year, he never introduced her to his family. Even in the company no one knows about the relationship they share.

Everything is a huge secret.

The grim expression on her face didn't go unnoticed by William.

"Baby, I will introduce you to my parents as soon as this project complete. If you succeed in this they will acknowledge your talent…..it will be helpful for you to impress them. And that is the reason I am waiting…..ok" he caressed her cheeks.

As soon as this project completed all he wanted to do is dump her. He will firstly snatch off all her money and wealth…..which will help him to cover up the huge sum he lost in a illegal marketing.

After dumping her, he will fake and release a scam against her. This will destroy her reputation and she will be basically helpless.

Then, he can force her out of the country and shut her up. As she will not be knowing that he is the one who did this to her….he can still have her. This time not as a fiancée but as a mistress.

Here…he can marry Biyu.

It's a win- win situation for him and he is sure no one can stop him from doing what he wants.

Bringing both of them back from their own dreams, a knock disturbed them.

And shortly after that, Biyu and Jasper who is in disguise entered the room.

As soon as he entered his eyes fell on his first love whom he had missed since years.

However he no longer remember how it feels like to be loved. All he remember is the small fragments of the love he experienced.

But as soon as he saw her….everything flooded back info his mind. But all those memories no longer felt real…..


Author's note...

Linda and Jasper got separated from each other when they are twenty years.

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Now they are almost near to thirty years. So it's been almost ten years. And the years they have been together they are still in their teenage…..so, the love they experienced is not that mature or to full extent. But Jasper is really so connected to her that he mentally fixed it that she can only be love of his life.

So, when he saw after these many years Linda is totally different woman. She is no longer the same girl he use to Love.

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