6 Meeting Jasper.

Evelyn alighted the car with her eyes still fixated on the huge modern mansion in front of her eyes.

It looked so majestic and elegant…...But what caught her attention is the security surrounding it...

"Ma'am….please come this side" a woman in her young thirties who is clad in black politely asked her as soon as she entered the main gate.

"Go on Evelyn. This is the formal procedure everyone have to follow….except for his sister and niece her uncle said.

He came little close to her whispered. "Mainly girls of your age must go through all this checkout" he chuckled.

Her luggage was taken to the other ward for checking and scanning. She gave an amused look and followed them….

What amused her is... why should only girls followed it.

He is surely more complicated than what Austin described him as.

After she had gone through the thorough checking, it is only when they allowed her inside.

As she walked out of the security ward into the mansion, she spotted her uncle who is waiting for her.

Jack was not taken for checking so he stood there waiting for his niece.

"Don't take this as an offence Evelyn. Jasper don't like when any other girl enter his house. Whenever someone from his office or Council has to meet him, they must follow these formalities" her uncle explained.

"Does he have gynophobia?" Evelyn mocked. Who the hell will do this type of thorough checking.

They have asked her if she had any aphrodisiac with her….

They didn't ask about weapons but about drugs!!

Seriously, what is wrong with him?

Her uncle looked at her with wide eyes, totally in surprise and then he chuckled.

"No, dear. He don't hate women nor he is afraid of any woman. Being the most handsome and enchanting man….most of the girls of your age try to climb his bed. Not to tell about his status as richest man and powerful tycoon..." Her uncle chuckled.

"He don't like all those things. So he prevent these from happening even before it could fall on his shadow. Prevention is better than cure…right?" Her uncle continued.

Evelyn (Biyu) rolled her eyes. Most handsome and enchanting….dream on.

He should have seen her boyfriend….

He might not think him as most handsome, never in his life..

"Hmm...so cautious. It's for his own good I guess. Anyway I am not offended at all. I understand" Evelyn smiled at her uncle as she mocked him inside her heart.

"You are a very matured girl Evelyn. Just be careful all right….he is so isolated and he will not like if someone takes advantage of him and try to get closer" Her uncle whispered for one last time before they entered the main door of mansion.

He just want to warn his niece not to destroy her own life by doing something against him.

As soon as Evelyn entered the house she is flabbergasted by the living cupid in front of her.

She is totally very wrong….

He is actually very handsome and enchanting…


Not as much as her boyfriend…

At least not in her eyes…

Jasper….he is almost little more than six feet and he is very well toned. Though he is wearing a tight fit V-neck black T-shirt she can see his bewitching triceps popping out of that fabric.

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His sharp jawline, blue eyes paired with his slightly curved eyebrows made his face look very sexy and charming.

If it was any other woman she surely would have drooled over him.

But who is Evelyn….she is not a common girl who simply fall for handsome looks and husky voice.

Though he is captivated it is only for a split second and she returned back to her normal condition.


Jasper who saw Uncle Jack and his niece, whose name he don't remember, entering the main hall stood up.

He stood straight with his squared shoulders and walked to them. The cold, formidable and powerful aura emanating from him made her little suffocated.

His aura is same as her boyfriend....both of them gave deadly vibes.

"Thanks for waiting Jasper. I am truly sorry for inconvenience…this is a emergency I couldn't neglect" her uncle politely said.

Jasper gave a smile….a smile that can make any girl feel hot and mesmerized.

But again...Evelyn is not at all affected by it because her eyes are not on him but the surroundings.

"This is my niece…Evelyn Walker" her uncle introduced.

Evelyn who has her goggles still on, removed them and gave a small smile.

"Hello. Nice to meet you" Evelyn kept it simple. But her words are full of attitude and richness that Jasper raised his eyebrow.

He looked intently at her for a brief second and averted his cold gaze.

He nodded his head and looked back at her uncle.

"Uncle, you want me to investigate what happened tonight in your brother's mansion?" Jasper asked as he sat down.

He didn't even spare another glance at Evelyn nor did she.


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