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Naturally he would have rejected it and would have given first priority to his baby girl, but it is his team from country X who are now in their mission of finding the hidden base of White shadows. 

"What happened now? Did you find the base?" Jasper asked. He gestured Biyu to sit beside him and he kept the call in loud speaker before wrapping her in his arms. 

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He is not at all hesitatand in his actions. He believe her with his life…..

In addition to this, she is from Walker's family and that means, she is a part of council too and there is nothing to hide from her…..

Prior to this, he has long decided not to keep any secrets from her. As Biyu is already aware of everything there is no meaning in thinking of making her worry by telling this. 

"Sir, we didn't find anything about them nor their hidden base. As we decided before, I sent my best three spies in a thought of extracting information about White shadows" the person in call informed. 

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