216 Martin has his own background??

"Jas, may be you should suspect anyone. What if Martin shouted intentionally so that our spy can hear him and carry that news to you. The powerful weapon Braxton family has is the family love and family bonding between them. What if Martin wanted to break it, make you weak. This is of course a perfect weapon to him" Biyu reasoned.

Jasper smiled, feeling proud of his wife's unique thinking. 

"I thought of it as well, love. But why did he add my brother in law's family into it. You know that he is adopted son right? What if Martin has enmity on Braxton family from long back?" Jasper asked. 

"What do you mean by that?" Biyu asked, wriggling her eyebrows in confusion.

"What I mean is, we all know that Martin was adopted by Linda's grandfather before he knew about Linda being his actual heir. By that time Martin's age is approximated to be around thirteen or fourteen years." Jasper said. He remembered these from the information his spy passed. 

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