217 Martin's flash back.

But what they doesn't know is Martin is planning for his attack soon. 

And, that would start with Bella waking up and acting just like Cara. 

'The family which killed my dad will perish soon enough and everything will be mine soon" Martin thought.

He sipped his wine slowly and made call to his uncle.

Real uncle. 

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Not adopted or someone else. 

"Uncle, this is our time to start our own plan. Time to strike Summers family and then Braxton's" Martin said laughing like an maniac. 

"Then I will start with Jason Summers, the nineteen years old son of Jean and Scott Summers." His uncle said. 

Jason Summers is the next heir of that family, however, he is in the vacation, enjoying his world tour with his girlfriend. As he insisted on privacy, the protection around him is relatively less now.

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