100 Main suspects

"She is none other than our former model Linda Jones" Alex proudly announced. 

Linda Jones...

That name is enough to make other gape while some others cheered continuously. And as soon as Alex announced, the projectors turned on showing the recent photos of Linda. 

There were some rumours that Linda's body got disfigured and some others sat

As everyone sat there flabbergasted and gaping at the pictures, Emma is totally stunned to her core. The glass she is holding near her lips slipped down and splashed 0on her dress. Her limbs trembled and it is very evident that she is shivering with fear. 

"Linda is supposed to be dead" she couldn't help but mutter to herself. 

Meanwhile, at the other side of city H, William Ye who is forced by his so-called mistress is watching the press conference. When he found that this artist management company is collaborated with Braxton corporations, his mind started to plot some plans t meet CEO of Braxton's. 

As Emma will be working with that ADORN for now, he will force her to leave her current company and join this new company J & B artists. Like this he might get a chance to meet CEO of Braxton's and ask him for a collaboration. 

He is in his own thoughts when he heard the name of the main model…


That name reverberated in his mind. His heart started thumping loudly and he almost fell down his chair. Clutching the arms of the chair, William manged bring himself to talk. 

"Move aside" he shivered as he ordered his PA who is standing…obstructing his view. 

His voice is trembling uncontrollably and he seems so tensed….to be precise, scared.

"How the hell is this possible?? She is dead" William muttered and gulped his saliva in fear. 

As his PA moved away in fear, William anxiously looked at the photos getting displayed in TV. 

It is of course Linda….the woman whom he thought as dead….the same woman whom he betrayed not once but many times. His eyes couldn't help but get darkened with lust as he gazed at her.

His eyes scanned down her body and he wondered why she seems so changed. Something in her  has changed both physically and mentally. 

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She looked a lot matured and she is more fit than before and in her recent photos she looked sexier than ever.

But this was not his first priority to think about. He is shocked because he himself has seen the reports which showed that the dead body is of Linda. 

Then how the hell is she alive….??

How can she be alive on the first place…?

His mind is filled with different thoughts and his heart is in mess when his father called him. 

They are in the main mansion of Ye ancestral house when they got this news. Even they are totally shocked by this….



Biyu, Liam are sitting in front of their computers watching the footages. Jasper just returned back and he went to his room to fresh up before accompanying his love. 

"As expected, William and his family are main suspects. Including them I think that previous manger of Linda is also a close suspect. He seems so shaken" Biyu pointed out.  

"Hmm…you are right" Liam mused to himself.

"And…. I think the…" Biyu is about to tell something when jasper sat beside Biyu. 

"Hmm…. I am more suspicious about William's mistress too" Jasper said as he stood behind Biyu's chair and kissed her forehead. 

Biyu chuckled. "Why did you feel like so? Any reason?" she couldn't help but ask as she leaned into his big palm which he placed on her cheek. 

Jasper stroked her cheek and sat down beside her. He made her lean on to his shoulder. "According to my point of view, she shouldn't be much aware of anything much. She should just know that Linda is dead but look at her once, she is trembling in fear and trying to fake her smile. She is breathing heavily as she is trying her level best to keep her posture normal." Jasper said. 

"She was overly excited about this press conference but when she found out about the truth, she is often looking at her watch. It's like she wants this meet to finish soon" Jasper continued.  

Biyu couldn't help but feel like Jasper is right. There are too many changes in her, that they are hard to be ignored. She is visibly shaking because of this reveal. 

"Hmm…you are right. But Jas, I don't know that you are this good at reading people. Tell me now, what am I thinking??" Biyu asked as she winked at him. 

Jasper chuckled.  "You are thinking about me. What else??" Jasper winked as he kissed her lips. 

"True" Biyu giggled and kissed him back. 

Liam couldn't help but roll his eyes. This coupled looked too cute and he didn't want anything but not to disturb them. However, they still have many things to decide. 

"Hmm guys, after I go, you will have plenty of time to do whatever you want. But now, we must decide what to do" Liam scratched his hair as he said. 

Jasper and Biyu giggled. She stuck her tongue out and teased Liam. 

"As Biyu said let us concentrate first on Emma and William. In meanwhile keep an eye on Linda's ex manager" Jasper started discussing about their plan. 

After they decided what to do, Liam left and Jasper started to cook while Biyu accompanied him as they chatted in the kitchen. 


At midnight…

Biyu kept on rolling on her bed as she couldn't sleep. After struggling for more than two more hours,  at last she manged to sleep. 

But she couldn't sleep well, it is because of her nightmares.

 Like always the dream is about a girl who is prisoned in one of the darkest rooms. She is shouting for help and screaming in pain….

And then the door opened, showing a silhouette of a man. 

However, her nightmare didn't stop with that scene like it always does, this time it continued further. 

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