"Ma'am, we just got a notification that someone succeeded in opening the message box we installed in Mr. Braxton's villa here" a person who called told to her. 

Linda opened her red eyes and smirked. 

"The real fun is about to start at last. But they really solved it faster than expected" she commented standing up. 

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"As expected" she added. 

"All right. You can go and rest now, I will take care from here" Linda said and as soon as that person ended the call, Linda went into wardrobe to get ready. 

Dressed in a black jump suit and her brown hair tied in pony she climbed downstairs. 

"Veronica, where are you going to? Doctor said to take rest remember!!" a woman in her late forties approached Linda. 

Linda reincarnated into a young and pretty looking lady who is in her mid twenties. Her name is Veronica Yang. 

"Mom, I will be back before dinner. I just need to finish some work in the office" Linda told and smiled at the woman. 

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