158 Linda revealed part 1

"Hmm….its a point. Otherwise she would have taken some chances all by herself rather than asking help from someone. She never trust any person so soon" Liam told. 

He is after all her best friend who is like a brother to her. If there is someone who understands her it would him. 

"Hey, I am trusting!! So, there could be other possibilities too" Ye Mei protested. 

"Mei, I was like a brother to her since the time we use to wear diapers and you could tell that we me and Linda are quiet bonded compared to Jasper and Alex. Even then, she used to not believe me!! She used to cross check everything" Liam told

"So, if she took your help, it only means she was quite desperate to find out or, she was in no situation to do it by herself" Alex said. 

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"It leaves us with two possibilities" Feng told. "We can later analyze them. Mei continue please" 

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