"Sir, this watch is fake" they informed him and as soon as that person heard it, his eyes turned chilly and he looked at Biyu with his glares boring into her grey orbs. 

He took his gun and directly pointed to her forehead. 


Biyu closed her eyes tightly while her fingers dug into her palms. Everything happened all in a sudden that she couldn't think of how to dodge it. 

She thought that she would be dead all because of Linda who placed a fake watch and parcel in locker!! 

Biyu didn't see this coming and neither she had expected someone else to barge into her rescue mission. 

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Hearing the gun shots, Biyu thought that she is dead and all she could think of in her last minutes were about Jasper. 

She felt like it would have been better if they had more time to spent. 

However, she didn't feel any pain nor she felt something pierce into her head. 

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