137 Linda is in danger and she will die!!

"What is your relation with William Ye?" she asked again and all in a sudden Erick who is sitting weakly jolted up in lightening speed and he grabbed the chair with his hand to attack Biyu. 

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However, Biyu already anticipated this and that is the reason that the first thing she did is to fill the injector with high dosage of anesthesia.  When he is about to attack her she swiftly jabbed the injection into his nerve in the neck. 

And at the same time she dodged his attack and rolled away. Even before anyone could comprehend what was happening inside, Erick stumbled and fell down on the floor. 

Meanwhile, Biyu quickly regained her strength and placed her knee over his throat while she trapped his hands with hers. 

"Tell me now!!" she dangerously snarled. 

He is distracted enough and had his guards down so the truth serum he is earlier injected with, kicked in. 

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