50 Linda is in accident!!!

At the private island…..

Jasper just alighted his private jet and is about to go into the underground base. But he was soon interrupted by the call. 

His mobile which was previously switched off, have received more than dozen of calls from his team in city H. 

Those people are actually his normal team people who are in research of finding the facts about relationship between Linda and William Ye. 

As soon as Jasper saw that, his brows furrowed and he frowned. 

Did something happen?

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Why are they calling him at night?? 

He is actually having a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. After seeing Evelyn (Biyu) cry his heart is already heavy and restless. 

Along with this, he have also found out that Linda transferred huge amount to William Ye. Moreover, including this….she didn't come to the office either. 

Meanwhile as this thoughts lingered in his head, he received the call. 

At first all he could hear is a heavy breathing….then later one of his panicked subordinate choked while he said something. 

Even Jasper couldn't understand at first but after he heard the same, two times more he realized it. 

Linda is in accident!!

Now, they are escorting her to the hospital. 

 Jasper couldn't even comprehended what his subordinate has told him. It was like a bitter nightmare to him that he badly wanted it to remain as a dream. 

But...Linda has really been into the massive accident. 

After few minutes, Jasper's clouded mind started to clear up a little bit. He realized that he didn't ask about how it happened. 

"Tell me everything!" Jasper's heavy and slightly panicked voice made his subordinate even more terrified. 

At first, his team who is actually in watch for Linda went back to their sleep. 

So, when Linda and William started their journey….they didn't realize it. It was after an hour they found out about it….and without wasting anymore time, they started tracking them only to find out that they are going out of the city towards the dense forest and mountain regions. 

They couldn't help but feel that something is really, really wrong. So, even they started to hurry towards them. 

But it was too late, when they reached the cliff….they only found the empty car near it. 

And because of their fast instincts they swiftly found out that Linda is thrown into the water. 

Horrified by the situation she is in…they quickly informed the elite team. And the elite team instantly ordered the medical group to reach there through helicopter. 

Meanwhile, as the water level is not too deep at the region where she fell, Jasper's team saved her. 

She is almost at the verge of dying but she is physically very strong and fit to endure it. So, by God's grace she didn't die…..she is after all a national swimming champion who is exceptionally good in staying underwater. 

It was her pure luck that she is still alive and she didn't fell in the deeper region of water. 

It seems like she is just thrown into the water and held herself from getting sank. 

As soon  as the rescue team saved her, the medical team who just arrived did the prime medication to keep her alive till they reach the hospital. 

Valdez hospitals….it is a chain of multi specialty hospitals which are spread wide across the globe. It has best doctors and thankfully, these hospitals belongs to Jasper's maternal grandparents. 

Linda is now escorted to that hospital and is taken into the operation theatre. Her presence is still kept secret. 

"Sir, what should we do now?" the subordinate asked. 

Jasper who have carefully heard everything couldn't help but sigh. 

"Where is William now? As per what you said, didn't he accompany her?" Jasper asked. 

His heart is heavy and is thumping loudly. 

"Sir, when we reached, we haven't found him. But our people are investigating what happened to him. The latest information is that….he is also in hospital now." He explained. 

"William has a head injury and he is now in unconscious state….taking the medication in one of the hospital. We are yet to find out about what has really happened" his subordinates said. 

Jasper sighed, deep in thought. Even William is injured!!

It might just be a cover of something, even more mysterious might have happened. As they are not aware of what has really happened there….Jasper decided to do it in his way. 

"Ask our team to create a dummy with same DNA as Linda. That body should be in the water by tomorrow and everyone must believe that she died. Whoever tried to kill her, in their prospective she should be dead." Jasper ordered. 

Making this clone in order to make someone believe that a person is dead…..these tricks are very well versed in council. So it is not a big deal for him to make it happen. 

Moreover, they can't announce that Linda Jones is dead!! 

To the outer world, she just vanished. So, he want it to be maintained like that. 

As Ye's will not want huge commotions and headaches from Linda's fans and people, they will not dare to expose her real identity. 

They will take care of that part while Jasper will take care of her medication and keeping her safe. 

"Yes sir, Consider it done. Anything else?" his subordinate who understood what his boss is thinking sighed in relief as he asked. 

"Yes. Call the main branch of Valdez's hospitals' and inform them that I want VVVIP section empty for Linda. I will select the doctors who should be allotted to her" Jasper ordered. 

In fact it is a piece of cake for him. Valdez's are his maternal family. And the current president of those hospitals is none other than his own brother. 

Jasper, Jean, Jeff…three siblings. In which Jeff and Jean are twins. 

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