24 Linda is engaged!!!

She felt something is off in his tone.

"She is not single. She is in relationship.....actually she is engaged to a person for all most six months by now. She started dating that person almost year back" Su Jun answered.

"He is the reason she retired from her modelling and acting career. As he is from one of the prestigious family….his parents naturally wouldn't agree with her. So, he asked her to quit everything and become her personal secretary" Su Ming shook her head.

She herself is a fashion designer who own a fashion brand. She is also a model and her husband's family welcomed her with open arms.

Though they didn't show much interest first, her hubby Su Jun was too persistent and eventually they accepted her and now, they love her more than their own son.

"That's crap. How did she agree to it…..I would have never accepted it!!" Biyu scoffed.

"Who will sacrifice that fame because his family would not accept her. If I was her…I would have thought them a good lesson. If he really love her…he will never ask her to sacrifice her career for his sake.

In turn he would have motivated her….

Meanwhile when she is in full roll…complaining about him, her friends looked at her wondering where she kept her mind and came.

She should be feeling sad and pity for Jasper!!

But she is talking about something else…..

How can she talk like… 'If I was her I will do this…..that'

As if she will really become Linda.

"Biyu, wake up" Mingyu shook her shoulders. "She is in love with other person!! That is what you should think now.." he exclaimed.

It is only when she realized of what exactly happened. Linda is no more in love with Jasper who is actually thinking that she is his life.

Moreover, she moved on and is engaged with someone else. How bad will Jasper will feel about it.

"Poor Jasper. I pity him now...what will happen now" Su Ming pursed her lips.

When they are searching for Linda, they have also found how hard Jasper's people searched for Linda.

However he don't have as much as power as he have in his own countries. As someone is protecting Linda's information, with his less influence he couldn't do much.

But they understood how much he love Linda.

"What are you going to do now. Will you tell Jasper about this?" Su Jun asked.

"I am going to tell him" Biyu said. "He loves her so much and he have the right to know. Who knows what was the real reason she is doing this? She might be forced or she would be still in love with Jasper but be engaged with the other guy with no any other option left" Biyu said.

"He should at least try to approach her and he have hundred percent right to question her why she left him like this." The emotions in her eyes are too evident.

She is feeling very bad for Jasper.

Mingyu sighed and looked at his sister. "It's fine Biyu. What you are doing is right. Go on with it and if he wants help, we will surely help him" he said but Biyu decided against it.

After she betray him and backstab him, what will she do if he comes searching for her friends.

She can't risk it.

"OK brother. I will think about it" she smiled.

"And, by the way who is that person with whom Linda got engaged to?" Biyu (Evelyn) asked.

"William Ye" Su Jun answered.

"The current CEO of Ye corporations." His wife grinned.

"Ahh...that man?" Biyu waved her hand in frustration.

"May I know why?" Mingyu asked.

"Her grandparents actually set her to blind date with him once. She didn't like him at all nor do she liked his family" Su Jun explained.

"His eyes and his looks gave me creeps" Biyu shivered. "He even stalked me for few days but my cousin Feng warned him and from then he stopped" she explained.

"Wait!! When did you go for this blind date. I remember that it was not too long back" Ming frowned.

Biyu froze and she furrowed her eyebrows.

"That asshole" Biyu shouted in anger.

"It's just two months back Ming!! That means he is already engaged to Linda by then….he is cheating on her dammit!!" Biyu said.

"He is using her" Ming hissed.

Su Jun who is busy in doing something in his laptop frowned.

"That scoundrel…" he couldn't help but hiss.

"What happened bro" Biyu asked.

"He is having a mistress too. And she is one of the model" he laughed out in mockery.

"So, you think that he is using Linda to help her. He might be in love with his mistress but she must be from normal background. As his family will not allow him to marry her, he is searching for the girl with the rightful and powerful status" Biyu said.

"How the hell a woman as extraordinary like her can fall for him? She deserves better" Ming pitied her.

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"Let's visit city H this night. I want to see how Linda is and how that scoundrel is cheating on her" Biyu laughed darkly.

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