156 Linda is alive and everyone knows about it!!

He tenderly kissed the crown of her head and whispered softly, "You remember what you promised me last night right? No more holding up and torture yourself. We all will always be there for you and even though we can't feel what you are facing, we can at least imagine it and give you moral support, all right" Jasper comforted her. 

Biyu nodded her head and smiled looking into his eyes. Involuntarily their lips moved closer and they kissed passionately, disregarding everyone in the room who are probably eating dog food. 

"Guys, we know that it is little difficult to control yourself once the fire is ignited, but please do give us some face and continue this after we all go. I am missing my boyfriend you know" Mingyu told, little sad. 

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Jasper and Biyu chuckled as they parted a little bit but close enough to hug each other. 

"You wanted to discuss about something right? Tell us" Feng asked, directly jumping into the topic without any delay. 

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