101 Letter by Linda (Real One)!!!

However, her nightmare didn't stop with that scene like it always does, this time it continued further. 

That man closed in as he leaned down to look at the woman who is pitifully sitting on the floor. She is shivering because of his aura.  

But, he abruptly lifted her by her neck and pinned her against the wall. 

She couldn't help but suffocate as she tried to free herself from that rough grip of the man….but in vain. 

Meanwhile, Biyu who is in sleep felt like her own throat is choked. Soon her breath started to suffocate and she couldn't help scream for help.  

That nightmare is too torturous for her to endure because she could feel that pain by herself. 

Jasper whose room is just next to her room, woke up because of her shrieks. His heart almost stopped when he sensed the pain in that fragile and dry voice. 

She seems like she is crying….

He sprinted to her room and his heart twisted in pain as he saw her drenched in sweat, still screaming. 

"Eve, wake up." Jasper swiftly climbed up and shook her shoulders. But in vain, he couldn't help but hug her and kiss her forehead. He patted her back and made her lean on to his chest. "Its just a dream love. Please wake up…its just a dream" he coaxed her, rubbing his back. 

Meanwhile, Biyu suddenly felt a warmth and comfort engulfing her and the nightmare got dominated by the secured feeling Jasper's embrace gave her. 

Soon her nightmare vanished… making her wake up from that deadly sleep. 

As soon as she woke up, the first thing she saw was Jasper's chest, hugging her tight. His manly scent soothed her trembling heart. 

All she could feel now is the sweetness engulfing her…

Biyu hugged him back and she buried her face in his chest. It gave her the protective feeling she never felt before. And this made her sob more. 

That nightmare has touched something very depressible in her heart. But, Biyu is sure that the girl in the dream is Linda. 

But who was that man who made her shiver with fear??

Is it William?? There are chances it can be him right!! 

Or was it other man??

But on the first place where did Linda disappear for this many years!!

When Blake tried to bring those memories out from the secured parts of Linda's mind, Biyu felt the unbearable pain and her head started to hurt as if someone was hitting it with sharp hammer. 


"Eve, are you fine?" Jasper softly asked her. But when he sensed something wet on his shirt, he felt very sad and his eyes burned. 

Moving her little, he looked into her red eyes… 

"I didn't know that my Eve is this weak." Jasper said as he cradled her head and kissed her sweaty forehead. 

"I am not. But I couldn't control my emotions when I get this specific dream. And, I don't know why" Biyu meekly said. They haven't noticed that Biyu is now sitting on his lap and they are in very intimate position. 

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But who cares, Jasper is deeply worried about her to notice it. 

Jasper pursed his lips and guiltily looked at her. He didn't know why he felt guilty but he felt like he was the reason for this sufferance of her. 

"Its all right love. We will get through this together okay…. I will always be there for you. Jasper coaxed her  

Looking at the time, he couldn't help but sigh. "First of all, let me bring a glass of water for you. See, how dry your throat has become" Jasper gently scolded her and stood up but Biyu tugged him back. 

"Sleep with me please. I feel secured" Biyu asked him rather cutely. The feeling she had when she saw his face….the very first second she woke up, it is really too heart warming for her. 

She want it everyday. 

Jasper chuckled and pinched her cheeks. "As you ask my queen. But, let me bring you some water first" he stroked her hair and kissed her forehead before exiting the room. 

Biyu couldn't help but look at his direction with love brimming in her eyes. She couldn't help but feel so lucky. To be frank, she totally loved how Jasper is doting on her. She felt like a princess…

Smiling happily, Biyu made her way to washroom to wash her sweaty face and when she came out, she happened to see a piece of paper on her vanity table. She is so sure that there was no paper on her table before she went inside washroom, ten minutes back. 

So how did it come all in sudden??

Biyu looked around only to notice that all her doors and windows are closed except for the main door of her bedroom. 

But no one can enter through it because Jasper would easily find if they do so….

Totally surprised by how the paper got on to her table that too at midnight, Biyu tightened her sash and sat down on the chair before opening the paper that is folded carefully. 


[Revealing yourself to the whole world is the biggest mistake you have done, Zhou Biyu]

And as soon as Biyu saw this, she is very much shocked. Everyone must know her as Linda but not as Zhou Biyu!! 

And the people who knows the actual truth is her brothers, Jasper and their friends. But she is sure that none of them will play a prank like this. 

So, who is this new person??

[This biggest mistake would cost your life like before. But this time, you will not have time to redeem yourself because this time the damage is already done]

Biyu couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. Again, who ever this person is, he or she knows about her betrayal to Jasper and in which way she tried to redeem herself. 

Who the heck is this person??

[All you could do now is to be careful Biyu...very careful to be more precise. All the best for that]

As that was the last sentence in the page, Biyu frowned and flipped the page. 

As she turned to the other side of the page, there is a small message written on it. 

[We will meet soon, Biyu. 

Till then, farewell dear...yours lovingly, Linda] 

"Fuck. This can't be true…." Biyu couldn't help but curse. 

She crushed the paper and throwed it into the dustbin…..and in the right time Jasper entered the room with glass of warm water. 

"Love, what happened" Jasper asked as he hugged her from behind. 

Biyu smiled and hugged him back. "Nothing much. I was just thinking about something else" Biyu said as she leaned on his chest. 

"Stop thinking more and drink this water obediently. After this we have to go to sleep as soon as possible. I still have to go back tomorrow early in the morning" Jasper coaxed her as he brought the glass of water near her lips. 

It is only when Biyu remembered that Jasper have to work overtime next day because of the banquet that will be held day after tomorrow.  

As she just doesn't want him to worry about all these matters, she decided not to tell him. She still has to make sure who did this before she tells him.".

"Jas, I want to attend day after tomorrow's banquet. I will make my first appearance on that day" Biyu said as he carried her to the bed.  

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