37 Jean's genius kids...

While the little kids bickered, Biyu (Evelyn) couldn't help but feel like they are extremely cute. 

"You both started again!! I shouldn't have taught you all these hacking and other skills" another voice came from behind. 

This time it is a boy who is around eighteen years came out from the room. 

He is having blue eyes like Jasper and hazel hair just like Scarlet. He is tall, well toned and exceptionally handsome. 

Though his eyes resembled Jasper and his hair as Jean, his face is very similar to Scott. 

But Biyu didn't know that Jean and Scott has eldest son….at least not till now. 

Should she tell this to Austin??

This boy is no ordinary….the aura he posses, his words, voice….the way he carry himself…..it is so out of ordinary. 

"Sorry for their bickering Ms. Walker. My siblings are always like this" Jason apologized. 

"By the way….I am Jason and he is my little brother Sage. And Scarlet….I think you know her. My uncle Jasper brags a lot about her" he chuckled. 

Even his voice is husky and deep. He is charming and powerful too…

No one knew about Jason except his close family members and friends. Jean was already pregnant with her and Scott's child when they held their wedding ceremony. 

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But due to someone security risks they haven't revealed it. Though Jason is a hidden heir….he is very genius and he is being groomed to become the next successor. 

After all he is the first heir of four powerful families of this generation 

"Big Brother….see how Sage is blackmailing me" Scarlet came and hugged her brother. 

Instantly, Jason's eyes softened and he ruffled her hair. 

"My dear lovely sister…. Dad will punish him…don't cry" he coaxed her and Sage pouted. 

"Sister Evelyn….see, everyone pampers her a lot. There will be a huge tsunami in our house if she shred a tear. My father and brother will turn the world upside down" he sighed. 

She is extremely spoiled by both Scott and Jason. 

Biyu chuckled and patted his head. "Sister's are meant to be pampered. You don't have to feel sad because your sister loves you a lot. More than anyone a brother…that too a twin brother should stand beside her protect her all right" Biyu softly said. 

Sage smiled. "You are very good sissy" he chuckled and ran to his sister and big brother. And at the same time Jasper came inside. 

He is really shocked to see the hurricane (Jason) and cyclone (Sage) along with his princess (Scarlet).

"You guys surprised me" he chuckled and when Scarlet saw him she came running to him and hugged him. 

Jasper affectionately ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead. "You are staying here with me aren't you?" he asked. 

"Don't hope much Uncle Jas. We will be going now….Your little princess wanted to talk to you so we redirected the private jet. We will be going back in one hour" Jason smirked. 

He and his uncle are like water and oil. They always argue…

"Ahh…..you can go but let the twins stay" Jasper mumbled. 

"No, they have classes." 

"Nah. None of you have classes….you are just missing your girlfriend and wanted to go" Jasper childishly sulked. 

"I just don't want to disturb you and your girlfriend" Jason retaliated as he gave a look to both Biyu and Jasper. 


"What happened to your wrist. Why is it so red" Jasper asked Biyu as soon as the trio went back. 

He gently held her hand and looked at it. It has a finger marks imprinted on it. 

He don't know why but his blood started to boil seeing it. He is so angry and he didn't understand why he is reacting this way. 

Meanwhile Biyu smiled and looked at him with affection. She is sure that her feelings for him are strange and special…..but it is too late. 

She is already committed and she is still betraying him behind his back. 

Remembering that her eyes dimmed again. But she smiled faintly. 

"That's William. He held my wrist little harshly" she explained. 

Jasper couldn't help but feel his anger surging up. 

"William?? What does that Bastard need now…..he is already cheating on Linda and he need you too….that scoundrel" Jasper cursed. 

He took the ointment and started applying it. All these things came very naturally that he didn't even think before doing it. 

Meanwhile, Biyu couldn't help but tear up seeing him care for her. 

They have developed the feelings unknown to them. 

"He wants me to come for dinner today. I actually owe him that" Biyu smiled. 

She can't tell him that he got a director position just because of her agreeing for dinner. 

Jasper narrowed his eyes. "I think he has different motive Eve. Should you really go" he asked concernedly. 

"Don't worry Jas. He won't hurt me anyway" Biyu smiled and patted his shoulder. 


After Evelyn went off to her room. Jasper sat down in the balcony. 

Before his niece went back she told him that she like Evelyn very much. And the way he reacted seeing her bruise….it made him wonder why his insides burned seeing her in pain. 

One thing is for sure….there is something special about her that made him drawn to her. 

He is way more comfortable and free with her. And they got along pretty well…

All these strange emotions and feelings made him confused. 

Till today….before he met Linda in the company he use to think that only Linda can make him feel like that. 

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