4 Jasper....the most powerful tycoon of country

Sending the alert, red signal to her uncle and his team, she swiftly wore her bullet proof coat that was designed exclusively for her, she took her favorite gun and some daggers before she sprinted out of her room.

She shot every assassin point blank before moving to other room. Almost after ten minutes of continuous firing and escaping them, she exited the palace only to get bumped into the person she is waiting for.... her uncle.

"Find every member of this assassin group and take them to the underground base" He ordered his team and looked at her with immense guilt.

"Sorry Evelyn we are late; we don't know who helped them to enter your palace. I am extremely sorry" he pursed his lips.

"I shouldn't have asked the house staff to leave you alone. I thought that the security around the palace is enough to protect you... I am sorry" he patted her back.

"Uncle Jack, why are you apologizing? I am the one who asked for privacy. You guys just respected my opinion that's it... anyway nothing happened to me right."

"Still Evelyn, I vowed to your parents that I will protect you with my life. I think I failed" his voice cracked. "You just came back and see what I had done. I couldn't even protect you from this people" his guilty voice twisted her heart.

"Uncle, this is nothing... I can handle small things like this" Evelyn said. "You trained me remember" she raised her eyebrows and playfully punched in his stomach.

"Ahh...girl. I became old...show some mercy" her uncle chuckled as he said.

"Old...? But you didn't even marry anyone till now. I want a baby cousin " Evelyn complained making him roll his eyes.

However, he quickly returned to his serious self.

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"Listen Evelyn, things are not good in the country right now. A rebel group started to stabilize it's influence again. You are not safe here anymore" he whispered in her ear ever so quietly.

"I thought this security will be enough to protect you till I prepare a permanent place for you to live. however, this attack proved me wrong. This palace is not safe anymore" he said and massaged his temples.

Evelyn smirked inwardly.

She got what she wanted...

"I know, I heard about this rebel group when you were talking about it with one of Dad's friend." Evelyn told.

"This is why I insisted you not to come here at this difficult time. When everything gets settled, I would have called you" he sighed.

"That is the exact reason why I insisted that I will come back. I want to prove myself that I can handle dad's position as a council's co founder. I want to work with council and help them to solve this problem" Evelyn confidently said.

Her uncle sighed and looked at her as if he is weighing pros and cons...

After few minutes he sighed...

"What?" Evelyn frowned. She doesn't like it when people will pity her or look at her like she is a pampered princess. According to her she is strong enough to protect herself and rule her father's empire.

"Nothing dear. I am thinking of the place where you can stay safe till, I search for a perfect place for you to shift permanently. If the rivals will find out the Martin's daughter is back to become the next successor of his position as council leader, they will try to attack you again" he said.

"It makes me worry. That's it.... Even I will not be there to guide you" he patted her head.

"Uncle, you are going overseas again?" she pouted.

"Duty calls my dear. I must go because of an emergency. Till I come back, I want you to be safe and also get accustomed to the council and the people who works for it" he said as he led her to a bullet proof car that is waiting for them.

"Then, why don't you ask one of your council friends to help you. Their houses will be well protected and no one will dare to attack me. In the same time, I will get habituated to this environment and people here" Evelyn said.

Her uncle didn't notice but her heart started beating fast as she waited for him to answer.

"Yes dear, Even I thought the same, however, everyone from council are already old and boring. But I have a right person in my mind" he chuckled.

"Who?" Evelyn asked all excited.

"Jasper Braxton, the most powerful council leader and mysterious tycoon of the country" Her uncle said, his voice full of admiration and respect.


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