17 Jasper taking care of Evelyn

"I am full" Evelyn smiled in satisfaction.

"But it looks like it is going to rain" Jasper said as he glanced up.

"Yeah. Then let's leave early." Evelyn said. She just ate to her heart's content and don't want to do anything but sleep.

But as soon as they came inside the room from balcony, one of the bodyguards stationed inside the room approached them.

"No sir. We just got a warning message that cyclone is going to hit hard. We cant probably reach back to mansion and there are chances that we might get stuck in it, if we start now." one of the bodyguards politely said.

"Sir, we talked with the owner of the restaurant and they agreed to give a room for one night to stay but the problem is they only have one room." Another bodyguard said.

Though the had other room empty, their Madam Jean asked the owner of this restaurant to allot a same room for both Jasper and Evelyn. Oblivious of her mischievous thoughts, the owner of this house agreed to her simple request.

Evelyn sighed and looked at Jasper who is in same page like her.

"Well, we don't have any other option. Let's share" he said after few seconds.

The rain has already started pouring very heavily and the water started to leak from the roof. If they stay here even a little more, they will be soaked wet.

Evelyn nodded her head agreeing with his decision. She took her bag and then looked at the bodyguards.

"Where will you people sleep?" she asked them.

Meanwhile the bodyguards felt so heart touched by her words. She is one of the very few who care about them.

Jasper's eyes softened and he just glanced at her. Why the hell is he finding many similarities between Evelyn and Linda.

"Don't worry ma'am. There is a motel nearby and we will be staying there. Some of us will be here till midnight and then we will take turns" one of them said and Evelyn nodded her head.

Jasper remember how fierce she is when she killed the assassins who attacked her a week back. Even in the council's main base he saw how ruthless she is that her team even call her as little Villainess because she don't show any mercy. But now he could see the real her.

By heart she is actually kind and soft.

Smiling at her, Jasper led her to the room.


Evelyn started to shiver because of the chilly weather outside. Including this there was a slight leakage of water from the roof.

They are currently sleeping on the floor because there was nothing in the room to sleep. Though the fireplace is put on, the wood logs were already burnt.

Jasper woke up as he heard the slight whimpers and heavy breath.

It looks like Evelyn is having a bad dream and along with this, she is not able to breath because of the cold weather.

He remember her uncle telling him that she is having asthma.

Quickly he called a bodyguard and asked them to bring some dried firewood from the store room and then he took of his coat before waking her up gently.

Still shivering, Evelyn sat up and crossed her arms while she massaged her arms.

"Here, wear this. I asked for some hot soup and firewood. Don't worry" Jasper softly said.

Meanwhile Evelyn teared up. Not even Austin looked after her in this way. She never thought Jasper is this sweet and cute.

The more he acts like this the more she will start feeling guilty.

But whoever is that girl who is destined to become his soul mate she will be the luckiest person living on the planet.

"Thanks a lot Easier. I am giving you so much of burden" Evelyn apologized.

"It's fine Evelyn. Don't apologize this much…" Jasper smiled warmly and brought a small table and placed it in front of her.

As soon as he did it the bodyguards came up with soup and firewood. They quickly completed their work and exited the room totally shocked.

They never saw their boss this attentive to anyone except for his sister and niece.

Evelyn quickly drank the soup and warmed herself. It is only when he felt little better.

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"If you want another cup feel free to ask." Jasper teased.

Evelyn smiled and nodded her head. "Why were they shocked to see you helping me. As far as I know, you...you are really a good person and care for others. But many of the others say that you are cold, ruthless and.."

"Devilish" Jasper completed her sentence.

Evelyn nodded her head. Though she has to gather information about him and send it to Austin she has long forgotten about it now.

She just wanted to find out because she felt overwhelmed by how attentive and caring he is.

Meanwhile Jasper smiled sadly. "They are shocked to see me like this because I stopped caring for others very long back. What you heard about me is clearly true. I am cold and ruthless" he said. His eyes turned red as he remembered his Linda.

"But you aren't like that. If you are like someone how others depicted you as...you should not care about anyone. But my guts tell me that this aloof personality of you is just a false façade" Evelyn said.

Jasper smiled sadly in return. "You are right. I was once just like how you think me as. But some events changed me like this. That made me isolate myself. You want to know why I became like this?" Jasper asked.

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