"They just explained to me everything about the murder and I was asked to plan your death in such a way no one gets to know that it was a murder. As, I was in a hurry, I didn't go through the personal information and just based on what they asked me, I planned the blue print to your death and as I couldn't personally go to kill you, I asked my substitute to take care of the mission" Linda told. 

"When I was with William at the cliff, suffering my own death, you were in the same situation, fighting for your life. My substitute successfully completed the mission of killing you and at the same time I was thrown into water by my own enemies" Linda told as she smiled a little. 

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"Our lives are entangled deeper than what we have expected" Linda told. 

"Yeah. You are one of the reason I died" Biyu told. 

"Yes. And, you are one of the reason I died too" Linda told, making Biyu stunned. 

"Me??!!" she couldn't help but ask. 

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