9 Jasper is cute!!

Evelyn woke up at five in the morning when her alarm started to ring.

She let out a tiny groan and woke up still rubbing her eyes. She kicked her duvet away and forcefully hit the alarm back to rest.

"F*ck, who set this is to damn five in the morning. I am not a vampire…I am a human and I need sleep" she complained loudly.

Never in her life she woke up this early….

Evelyn laid back again and closed her eyes as she covered them with her arm. But soon curses again when someone started knocking her door.

She is not there in her grandparents house to throw a tantrum and go back to her sleep. She is somewhere else that too on a purpose.

Pitying herself she sleepwalked to the door and opened it just to see a maid standing there with a tray having glasses of warm water.

"What now?" a yawn threatened to escape her lips which she hid with her hand.

"Sorry miss. But master asked you to drink this warm water and come to gym in thirty minutes" maid hurriedly apologized.

"Ahh…holy crap" she cursed but reluctantly nodded her head.

"I will be there" she smiled back to took the tray before closing the door.

"I hate mornings" she pouted and banged the bathroom door as she went inside to brush her teeth.

If Jasper would have seen her pouting childishly like this, he surely would have smiled….because she resembled the girl whom he loves the most in his life.


"Good…early….morning" Evelyn greeted as soon as she saw Jasper waiting for her in the gym.

Jasper froze as soon as he hears those words. His fingers slightly trembled.

She almost sounded like his Linda. For one split second he almost thought that his Linda is back.

But he quickly retrieved his composure and greeted her back. She is wearing a black sports bra paired with her black gym shorts.

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"Good morning" though his face is emotionless there is a slight warmth in his tone that made her smile.

Meanwhile a person standing in the corner slightly coughed. She chuckled and made her way to both of them.

Evelyn looked at the woman who is walking towards them and couldn't help but feel that she is extremely beautiful.

She is little taller than an average woman should be and her sea green eyes shone with brightness of warm sun. She has very well toned body and her face is brimming with the attractiveness.

Somehow she felt very familiar to Evelyn.

She has seen her somewhere…

Meanwhile that woman came and stood beside Jasper. "You will not introduce me to your new friend?" Her friendly and powerful voice made Evelyn come back to reality.

Jasper rolled his eyes at her and smiled. The smile Evelyn never expected from a cold, emotionless person like him.

When he saw that woman his eyes are full of love and affection. She is older than him and most probably she could be his sister.

"Sis, this is Evelyn Walker…..niece of uncle Jack" Jasper introduced even without looking at Evelyn.

"Hi, nice to meet you" Evelyn smiled and extended her hand for a hand shake.

"I am Jean. Nice to see you again" Jean smiled as she obliged to a handshake.

"Just Jean?" Evelyn chuckled. She usually don't want to interfere in others matter but Austin asked to inform him about each and every person Jasper like or love in his life.

"Yeah...just Jean. Keep it simple" Jean smiled. She didn't want to add the powerful family names that are her surnames.

"Cool" Evelyn chuckled a little. She is inwardly cursing this woman for coming.

She heard her uncle's conversation with Jasper. He wanted Jean to help her to be accustom to council.

Whereas, she wants Jasper to do that task. The faster he starts trusting her the sooner she could complete her mission here and go back to her Austin.

"Sis…..why don't you stay here? It's been long since you spent some time with your brother" Jasper pouted.

Meanwhile, Evelyn almost coughed her own blood.

Holy shit! He pouted!!

He is even acting cute. Is he really the Jasper she knows?

Will he really act all cute and childish like this if he like someone to his heart.

She couldn't help but feel excited….

What if he act in the same way once they get close? Will she able to deceive him and back stab him?

"Jas…how can you even say that. I just spent this whole week with you" his sister rolled her eyes. "After I finish my meeting this evening I must go" Jean gently scolded her brother.

Evelyn chuckled seeing them. Jasper is actually cute.

He just had this false facade on…..

"At least….send my niece here. It's been many days I played with her" Jasper pouted again.

Evelyn saw him with wide eyes…

Damn! Why is he so cute.

But she silently noted the points he should tell to Austin.

1. He loves his sister and niece

2. His niece is his weakness.


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