30 Jasper hugs Evelyn

The next day, Evelyn slept till afternoon because of her jet lag and even Jasper couldn't wake up because of his mental exhaustion.

At last they couldn't do anything but take a day off from their respective works in their companies.

In other hand, they couldn't go to council because everyone are busy in their own work.

First Jasper woke up and he saw Evelyn's room still closed. He thought about everything she told him last night.

After he gave a thought to all those scenarios…..he felt that she is right.

He couldn't help but feel like he owe her a lot.

If isn't for her, he would have surely thought in a negative way.

He is so glad that he got a friend like her in his life.

Smiling warmly, he started his research about William Ye, his love rival.

"Ahh…..I don't have good influence in China. I should have extended it when my sissy said" he mumbled to himself.

"I will ask my assistant to make preparations to open the main branch in City H too." Jasper talked to himself as his hands swiftly flew in his keyboard.

"Might be….I should ask Big Brother Edward to deploy some of his men there…underworld works faster than Council" he thought out aloud.

Council works on its norms and it is directly connected to government. So, they have to follow some rules and regulations.

And when he asked a council team to look for Linda they didn't cross the line thinking that finding her will be easy.

She is after all a common girl.

But he didn't think that someone will be protecting the information about her in such a way that no one can find it unless they are pro hackers who use illegal methods.

Now, he need his underworld team to run errands for him. They will not take much time to find the deepest secrets of William Ye.

Meanwhile, Evelyn just woke up and heard all his words.

"No, Jasper. You can't do that. Asking someone from underworld of this country to do your personal favor…..it might effect Linda. Chinese underworld is very dangerous and the leader there is not a peace keeper like you guys here. He is greedy and if he finds out that Country X deployed its forces to find a particular girl, it might quirk up their suspicion. What if they use Linda to target the underworld here." Biyu said.

Though she don't know that Jasper is the king of underworld here what she said is true. He can't risk Linda's life just because he wanted to find more information about her and her fiance, William Ye.

So, this left him only with one way…..he himself should go there and personally find everything about William Ye and his relationship with Linda.

If he finds it genuine and pure he will not have any option but to leave her there and come back.

He should live his life without her.

But if he even get an ounce of suspicion he will not leave it till he get a clear picture about it.

After that he will decide whether he should bring Linda back to him or not.

What matters the most is her happiness.

"Then I will be left with no any other option but to check it myself. But Evelyn the question is how?" Jasper asked.

"I don't know how I should go. I don't want her to recognize me and at the same time, I want to be close to her and watch them" Jasper said.

"I have an idea" Evelyn chuckled as she stood across him near the table.

"Idea? Ms. Almighty….what is that idea that would act as my savior" Jasper chuckled as he asked.

He already knew how her brain works. She is very good in predicting the things and implementing them. She likes to twist everything but at the same time she can also use them to her convenience.

"The idea is this!!" Evelyn said and placed the letter into his hands.

"This??" Jasper asked her as he looked at her with confusion.

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"Open it" Evelyn smiled.

That is the joining letter of Ye corporations.

"Ye corps? Isn't this the company of William Ye in which Linda works?" Jasper asked with the wide eyes.

He is utterly surprised and stunned to his core.

He didn't expect this from her. Though they became good friends and starting caring for each other he never thought she will help him to this extent.

Moreover, he never saw a girl who would help a person in every way to win his love all over again. If she is acting this selfless and generous…..does that mean she don't have any such feelings for him right.

This made him little sad. She is the only girl who didn't fall for him nor harbored any selfish intentions.

All in sudden, his eyes blurred. Not because he can be close to his Linda but because of Evelyn.

He owe her his life.

"Say something Jasper. I know that the director post is very low standard but I couldn't pull up more than this. But you have an advantage here…..there is a project going on in which you will get a chance to work directly with Linda" Evelyn said as she pursed her lips.

He is just looking at her like that. He is deep in thoughts that she didn't understand whether he felt humiliated or happy.

But all of a sudden, Jasper stood up and hugged her.

"Thanks a lot Eve" he said.

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