18 Jasper's flashback

Jasper smiled sadly in return. "You are right. I was once just like how you think me as. But some events changed me like this. That made me isolate myself. You want to know why I became like this?" Jasper asked.

Evelyn is momentarily dazed because he himself decided to open up to her. But she quickly regained her senses and smiled. After she drank the soup her blocked nostrils began to clear up and she no longer felt sleepy.

"Only if you want to share" Evelyn nervously said.

"The person who tell this are more interested to know. Do you know that?" Jasper laughed but the pain he was feeling now is too evident on his face.

"Then don't tell. Hmph...who asked? " Evelyn pouted and turned away to warm her palms from the fireplace.

"I had a girlfriend back then. We were childhood sweethearts and we were together for almost ten years." Jasper said. As soon as Evelyn heard this she turned around, now facing him.

The longing and heart break he was feeling was clearly expressed by the sadness in his voice. Though the maid in his house already told her about Jasper's lover, she didn't think that their relationship is this deep and serious.

"Her name is Lind and I love her a lot. She was my life back then. My whole world use to revolve around her and our bonding was so strong that I never expected that there will be day when she will vanish out of my life. But when she did, my whole world crumbled into pieces and all I was left with is nothing but the unbearable pain and hopelessness." Jasper said as his voice cracked a little and his eyes teared up.

Meanwhile Evelyn could feel his gloominess all over the room. It gave her distressed vibes that she felt so heavy down her heart.

How much should he be loving her to feel like this. How strong should their bond be to make a cold person like him to cry like this.

"In fact I still love her so much that my day never starts without her thoughts and it never ends without my dreams about her. There was no single day I didn't search for her." A tear rolled down his handsome face.

"Still, my world revolves around her and her absence in my life made me like this. It made me afraid to love any other person in a same way I loved her. It made me scared that I stopped being myself and turned out like this….cold and emotionless" Jasper said. His red eyes looked at her for few seconds and then averted.

Evelyn is almost at the verge of crying. His love for Linda is so, so deep that she can feel every ounce of his pain.

She still wondered if there is someone in this world how can love a person as much as Jasper do.

Her Austin was not like this.....not even a one by tenth part. When she compared their love with Jasper's and Linda's….it felt belittled.

Austin's love for her is no way compared to the purest love between Jasper and Linda.

It made her recheck if Austin really love her or not.

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But she knew that everyone can't be lucky as Linda to get someone like Jasper.

"Is that the reason you are angry and frustrated this morning. Is it about Linda?" Evelyn asked.

"Hmm….yeah. Linda's uncle family lives in China so I use to have a little hope that I could find her there. But today, the team I sent to China came up with a bad news. They couldn't track her at all" Jasper told her the real reason why he was so angry at the morning.

"I am sorry that I annoyed you. I didn't know" Evelyn apologized genuinely.

In return Jasper chuckled sadly. "Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong and by god's sake don't be so formal. Do you know that you are the first person I am sharing this with?" Jasper asked.

"Except for my family no one knew" he added.

"Ohh" Evelyn could only say that. She didn't expect that he would trust her this much.

"Is that the reason you asked me about fencing club in China? Do you think there might be a chance that she is one of the club member" Evelyn asked after some time.

"Yeah. That was the reason I asked you. However, it was just a waste of time to check. My team already made sure that Linda is not there in China" Jasper pursed his lips.

Evelyn felt pity for him and she patted his shoulder awkwardly.

"Don't give up on searching for her. If you really love her then this effort you are spending is indeed worthy. We should be able to do everything for them if that was in our hands. Do your level best and leave the remaining for god to decide" Evelyn comforted him.

That is the reason she agreed to help Austin. She really love him a lot and she should of course share his burden. As, whatever he asked for, is in her hands and she can do it, she right away agreed to help him.

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