29 Jasper's despair

"I don't know if I should be happy or sad. I found Linda after many years and I thought all my hardships paid off, but….." he turned around and looked at her.

His eyes bloodshot…..he is not at all looking like he is in good position.

"Hey….just don't think too much" Evelyn (Biyu) said. She couldn't help but pity him.

He is so in love with Linda. But that girl is already engaged to a bastard who don't love her at all.

She left a diamond and went for a piece of trash.

"How can I not think much…Evelyn. She is in love with another person and they are engaged." His voice trembled as he closed his eyes.

A tear rolled down his face and fell on the back of her hand which is patting his hand.

She don't know that he is such a cry baby.

This depicts how much he love Linda.

She is exceptionally lucky that she got a chance to experience such a pure love.

In this Evelyn couldn't help but feel jealous. She never saw someone wanting her so badly, caring for her this deep.

Linda is lucky to have Jasper.

But what a pity that she couldn't acknowledge it.

"She's inlove with another person and she is happy with him" Jasper murmured under his breath.

"Jasper, what are you thinking to do now?" Evelyn (Biyu) asked after some time.

"What will I do Evelyn. She is happy and as someone who love her so much...shouldn't I be happy that she is living happily. But why am I feeling sad?" his voice trembled and this twisted Evelyn's heart.

Evelyn couldn't take it anymore and she patted his shoulder and comforted him. "I understand Jasper. You love her so much and this hurts….but it is the truth" she patted him.

She even gave a shoulder for him to cry on. This is what friends do….

Even she don't know when she started caring for him a lot. Every time she thinks about it she convince herself that it is just because of the friendship they have between them.

"I never thought…" Jasper choked.

"Jasper, it might be true that she is engaged but who knows the real reason why she got engaged. What if her fiancé is not good and he is cheating on her? There might also be a possibility that she is still in love with you...we can't just jump into the conclusion" Evelyn (Biyu) said.

Jasper just looked at her and pursed his lips. She is right….

"But Evelyn, I can't disrupt her happy life of she is really in love with her fiance….this would make her suffer if I come into the picture all of the sudden. I don't want her to suffer just because of me" Jasper said.

"That's right. But, what if she is not happy or her soon to be husband don't really love her. What if something happens to her because of him. You will regret it through out your life that you didn't help her at that time. I understand your intention but you should also think about the other alternative too" Evelyn said.

She is actually moved by his love for Linda. He is even ready to sacrifice his love for that girl.

Jasper's eyes widened and he looked at her for few seconds and sighed. "You are right. I should make sure she is happy with him" he said.

"If she isn't happy or if he isn't a good person…..you should make her fall in love with you all over again. She will surely be happy with someone as good hearted as you." Evelyn smiled as she complimented him.

Jasper smiled a little and nodded his head.

"Yeah sure" he chuckled.

"Them you should make me the godmother of your child" Evelyn teased to ease up his mood.

Jasper's small smile blossomed into a full one.

"Aren't you thinking very much. I haven't met her yet" he laughed.

"Haha…..I overthink. If you give me some time I will come up with names of the babies too" Evelyn laughed.

After easing up his mood, she went back to her room.

She started having a bad feeling about her boyfriend Austin.

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Why do she feel like he is not sincere with her…


"I met Zhou Biyu the day before yesterday" William said to his parents.

He is in his parent's house for breakfast.

His parents who are eating stopped their actions and looked at him.

"By chance of deliberately?" they asked him.

"Not by chance. One of my people found out that she will be visiting Elite nightclub and I happened to be nearby so I went. But I am lucky enough that she got bumped into me" William Ye (Boyfriend of Linda) said.

"How did it go? It will be really fortunate for us if she get married to you. Don't play around with other girls for few days and concentrate on it" their parents warned him.

"I have my plan, mom" William Ye laughed.

Totally not aware that he fell into Biyu's (Evelyn) trap.

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