125 Jasper's childhood memories

Even Biyu couldn't help but smile. Jasper's family is so open minded and they express their thoughts without any hesitation. Though they are sometimes very shameless which she likes any way. 

"On the other hand, my elder cousin brother started to have a very bad thought of what could have happened if his father would have reincarnated." Jasper laughed. 

"Is his father bad?" Biyu asked. 

"So bad actually. He was the reason why my family suffered a lot, Eve. My childhood isn't as beautiful as you have thought" Jasper purses his lips. 

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'He is also one of the reason why your parents are dead. He is the reason why your parents send you to your maternal family" Jasper thought. 

However he didn't want to tell her about that and make her sad. 

"My mom died when I am six months old. Got killed by him" Jasper said all in a sudden, referring to his uncle. 

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