173 Jasoer talks about his wife infront of William

Meanwhile, Feng came back inside, his eyes red with anger and his fingers tightly clenched against his cellphone. 

"Ye family is the one who gave Mei's details to them. They exactly doesn't know what's going to happen but they do know that she will be used as bargain piece" he told, grunting his teeth. 

"So….what do you want to do, brother?? You can do anything with that family but we want William" Biyu told as she looked at Jasper. 

"I heard you talking to your brother in law and brother. And, I think, this is the best we can do" she whispered. 

She is referring to his plan of going back to country X. After they go back, he must take back his position in underworld. 

Jasper was startled at first because he didn't expect her to agree with this easily. He is aware of how connected she is to her brother, friends and family. Especially after her reincarnation. 

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"Thanks love" Jasper whispered and pecked her lips. 

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