139 Is someone controlling him??

But seeing her like this, his heart started aching for her so badly.

'Is she having another nightmare??' Jasper sadly thought. 

Even after holding her in his arms and coaxed her to sleep, she still didn't show any signs of relief. She even started sweating profusely that he couldn't think of any other alternative but to wake her up. 

Meanwhile, Biyu was having the same dream like always. A scared and terrified girl was trapped away in the room and a monstrous man was torturing her.

 He had her pressed against wall as he tightly wrapped his hand around her throat making her choke and wriggle for breath. 

"It's okay love…..I am here. Don't be afraid" Jasper softly told as he gently patted her sweaty cheeks in order to wake her up. 

His actions of course brought her back from nightmare and she woke up. But her eyes are red and she seemed so scared. 

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