36 Is she in love??

"No Bro. That will effect Linda. And I don't want Jasper to get hurt by it….let us wait till he decides what to do" Biyu answered.

"As you wish, Biyu." her friends right away agreed.


"I don't understand you Biyu. You care so much about Jasper and you are still not agreeing that you love him" Mingyu asked.

They are currently sitting in front of the monitor as Biyu swiftly extracted more info about William.

Biyu froze and then she saw her brother. Why does everyone think that she is in love with Jasper.

Is that this obvious??

"Sis, it's really tough to realize whether we are in love or not. It develops right, deep inside your heart but sometimes one cannot notice it it or predict it. Sometimes we design our minds to love certain someone or something else that we often fail to notice that the real love is right in front of us. And by the time you realize…it will be too late" Mingyu said.

Biyu looked at him for split second and averted her eyes. He knew this too well because he suffered this and somehow by god's grace…he got his love back.

Meanwhile, Biyu started thinking about his words. Though it made sense, it will not practically work out for her.

It's already too late. He is already in love with Linda and moreover she is…backstabbing him.

She is very confused about her feelings…

"In am not in love with him. I am just trying to redeem my mistakes" Biyu said it in flow, only to realize later that she gave off a small bit of her secret.

None of her friends know why she went to country X....they don't know that she is backstabbing Jasper.

"Redeem? For what?" Mingyu asked.

Biyu froze for a second and bit her tongue. Cursing herself for her bad day, she quickly regained her composure.

"Nothing bro. At first when I and Jasper met….I was so harsh with him. Later when we became close I got a feeling that I am giving him a false hope. How can I give him a false hope when I am already in relationship" she blurted out another secret of her in tension.

She lied, she knew it….

the reason is so lame.

But she needs an excuse….but when she saw Mingyu's questioning gaze she stuttered.

Mingyu is very dangerous when he will be angry….

and she couldn't even lie under his pressurizing gaze.

"What…..you are in relationship?? Who is he??" Mingyu asked half anxious and half angry.

Biyu sighed inside.

She is in the difficult position now…

Mingyu doesn't like Austin and if she confess about it she is as good as dead.

"No bro. Who said?? I am not in any relationship with anyone. You might have misheard…..all I was saying is that I am not interested in any of those stuff" Biyu laughed nervously.

"Bro…it's already evening and I had to go back. Bye ya" Biyu kissed his cheek and hurriedly ran outside.

Meanwhile Mingyu sighed. Something is terribly fishy with Biyu since the day she went to country X.

He has been wondering what it might be and now she herself gave him a hint.

Smirking, he fished out his mobile and called his subordinates.

"Find out who Biyu is in love with. Don't let her know that we are investigating about her love life" Mingyu ordered them and looked at the figure which just got inside the car and hurriedly drove off.


With the speed she maintained, Biyu reached back in forty five minutes. But by the time she reached….Jasper is still in the Ye corps.

Sighing again she hurriedly went back to her penthouse but before she can enter her house, she noticed that Jasper's door is locked from inside but not outside.

Did something happen??

As Jasper came to City H, it is her responsibility to make sure he will be safe enough.

So, without any hesitation she knocked the door. And when the door got opened she is really shocked by the view.

Everything that is nearly arranged is now in mess…

Biyu silently placed her hand in the pocket and clutched the gun, ready for the action.

Then she slowly entered the house...

"You should be Evelyn Walker" a angelic voice startled her from behind.

Biyu placed her hand on her chest and patted it…..she almost got a heart attack. But after listening that childish and playful voice….it is only when she felt relieved.

Biyu turned around only to see a girl who is in very early stages of her ten's.

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She should be somewhere around ten or at most twelve…..and her eyes are sea green and round in shape. She has a hazel color, silky hair with a cute pouting lips.

With a one look, Biyu figured it out who she is…

This little girl in front of her is none other than Jasper's niece….whom he love so much.

Smiling widely Biyu looked at her. "Yes I am Evelyn and who is this cute little kid? "she asked.

The girl infront of gave a toothy smile. "I am Scarlet…..but you can call me care or Letty" the little girl spoke enthusiastically.

"Or you can call her Scare or Scary or devil" a boys voice came from her behind again.

Biyu (Evelyn) chuckled and turned around to look at him.

He is of the same age as her and he has same eyes. But his hair is of black color and he is little taller than the girl. But by their similar features, it is too evident that they are twins.

"Haha…..so this is how you call your sister?" Biyu smiled as she teased

That boy pouted. "Who? She? That Scary is just my womb mate...see what she did to my tablet. I am reconstructing it's software and that devil bugged it with virus. All my effort just gone vain" he complained.

As soon as Scarlet heard it her eyes blurred. "I didn't do anything….why are you scolding me like this. I will tell to dad about this…..you brat." She sniffled a sob.

"What did you call me?? Brat? Wait, I will tell mom about it. She will punish you for using bad words" the boy retaliated back.

"Go and tell….I have a recording of your audio call with our cousin…didn't you call him as a brat" she stuck her tongue out.

Meanwhile Biyu had a hard time controlling her laughter. These kids are still around twelve but still they are highly genius. She could see it in them.

Just like their parents and uncle they are also very brilliant minded.

After seeing their cute interaction….she remembered her cousin brother Feng.

But her heart couldn't help but twist with regret.

What if Austin will try to attack this little kids here??

She should stop him!!

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