153 Intense battle!??

This is the plan Biyu and Feng made with her. They wanted her to go into his life and observe everything she could. Once, they find the solid evidences and reasons why he helped others to murder Linda, they will destroy him forever. 

"But, still…" Chloe feigned her hesitation. 

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"Chloe, you are afraid of being alone, aren't you? That was the reason you always asks nurses to stay in your room during nights. You have once told me that you are afraid of dark. So, how can I let you face your phobia? Just a month in my house won't eat away all my money" William told as he patted the back of her hand. 

He called her using her first name!! 

It has not even been more than a minute he started being informal and he is already trying to touch her!! 

Ugh….that gave her creeps. But she is not stranger to his touches after all. 

In the past, she didn't see past through his double faced actions , but now she knows him like a back of her hand. 

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