202 In the private jet

"Let us all raise a glass to the wonderful couple, my  beautiful sister and my best friend" Feng's fluent English bloomed around the hall as everyone raised their glasses and toasted together. 

"Now, everyone will be coming to us to give us their own toast. Love, be attentive and you will right away figure out who will be the loyal people to us" Jasper whispered to Biyu as the guests started roaming around again. 


After three hours, Biyu sighed in relief and slouched into the couch. 

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As Jasper promised, he introduced her to everyone who will play an important role in matters related to council as well as underworld. 

And, as she thought it was quite exhaustive. For the first time, she felt tired bring center of attention. 

But it is worth of her time and her brain cells. Though those people are complex minded and tricky, Biyu managed to see past through them. 

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