120 In her dream land with love of her life

"Aww…. she is really too cute and exceptionally understanding. I seriously thank god for the second chance" Jasper thought as he pulled Biyu into his arms and hugged her sideways. 

"Hmm…. let's go" Jasper said and led the way.

However, unlike what Biyu expected, he didn't take her to some boring meeting but to the place which she can never forget. 

It is a garden which is spread wide almost half of the island. From the place where Biyu is standing all she could see is only the garden and nothing else. 

But it is not the usual garden one can encounter under daily basis. 

It is filled with rare exotic flowering plants that too only of roses of different colors. There are some of the roses which has a combination of different colors in the single flower. 

"Jas, its beautiful. But I have never seen roses which bloom at night" Biyu asked in wonder as she hugged Jasper tightly. 

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