180 I will make them pay for every drop that comes out of your eyes. I promise

What he doesn't know is that they both are doing this to lift his spirits. 

If Mei could listen or sense everything what is happening outside, she should not feel sad for Feng right!!

After everyone separated, Jasper took Biyu to the parking lot and made her sit in passenger seat. 

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She has fallen asleep in his arms itself while he carried her from hospital room to car. 

How tired she has to be to fall asleep in this shortest span?? 

Feeling bad for his baby girl, Jasper cautiously fixed her seat belt and then drove away. 

Later, coming back to their home, he took her to their room and tucked her carefully. Then, he went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. 

Just like what Biyu told, she has indeed prepared dinner for him with many love symbols and cheesy letters. 

Reading those sweet words he couldn't help but chuckle. She was so, so cute and clingy. 

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