133 I want your word

"I don't know Biyu. I tried a lot to find out what happened there after….however, I was helpless to pull some more strings. Actually, I went through a lot in order to find out about the content in the NDA agreement. And, by the time I managed to find what's in there, I got to know that they have cancelled the contract and that my brother really proposed to her and she accepted it" Ye Mei told. 

Biyu couldn't help but get shocked. 

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"She accepted his proposal even after knowing what a scumbag  he is?? How did she fall for his lousy charms given with the fact that she knows all about him??" Biyu let out a frustrating sigh. 

And as soon as those words escaped her lips, Biyu couldn't help but bit her tongue. How can she forget that William is still Ye Mei's own brother!! 

Ye Mei of course figured out what is running in Biyu's mind when she saw her biting her lip nervously. She looked really too cute like that…

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