108 I want your word...

After doing a shopping for a little more, Biyu and Alex returned back to their respective houses. 

Alex is still taking rest away from work. Though Biyu want to help, she should pretend like a model but not as an owner. So, going now is not the wisest thing. 

And as soon as she reached her house she share with Jasper, Biyu went to her study room and turned on her PC. 

She has to check the CCTV footage around and of the people she feel as suspicious 

After doing that, she decided to hack into the city's database and do the face recognition scan. Biyu had already checked the footage of her house but she didn't find anything suspicious. 

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As the complexity of the security is totally high here, she decided not to hack. She must tell Jasper about this first and then take the action. This house belongs to both of them so it is really important to take decision together. 

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