96 I want to take everything back!!

"Hehe, I know. But I have different plans now" Biyu smiled sinisterly. 

As she got her love back…. this is her time to give some face slaps and take some hot revenge. 

Jasper looked at her and he could see the devilish glow in her eyes. He is sure hat she is thinking of doing something naughty. He knows her too well….but he couldn't deny that he loves this Biyu more, the naughty and cunning Biyu. 

Feng chuckled seeing his sister acting all excited. She looked like a small child who is about to show of her skills for first time. 

"And, what are those plans my little sis planned" he couldn't help but ask in amusement. 

"You should not forget that Austin and his boss is still out there. For everything that happened, we will surely face some consequences at some point or the other" Mingyu said. 

"More importantly, as Biyu is now known as Linda...she should be extra careful too. Even Linda's death isn't as simple as I thought. Moreover, we should not forget that Linda is still a celebrity here" Liam said. 

"Exactly!!" Su Ming said. 

"We have opponents from two sides. One is from Biyu and Jasper's side while others are from Linda's side" Su Jun said. 

Biyu nodded her head while Jasper patted the top of her hand…. silently giving her the comfort and support. 

"You have all of us all right. You are not alone like before" Jasper said for which Biyu smiled and she leaned her head on his shoulder. 

Jasper stroked hair and kissed her forehead. 

"I have thought about this before. As for Austin…. they are not aware that I am not dead. So, the danger I might get from that side would be delayed a little bit. For now, their attention is on other matters." Biyu told. 

"For now, my main target is to clean the mess Linda has created for herself and prevent myself from getting into danger because of her. Including this, I wanted to take revenge for Linda. If it isn't because of her, I might not have got this second chance in everything. I am grateful to her and I owe her something much more valuable than this small revenge" Biyu said. 

She turned towards Jasper and took his hands into her own hands. "Jasper, I want to take back everything Linda lost because of that bastard. I want William Ye on his knees as he regrets doing something like that to her…." 

"I want to take revenge as my gratitude for Linda. I want her name to sparkle again with the same glory she had before she met him. All the hard work and passion she poured into her acting deserves to be recognized." Biyu said. 

In short, she wants to debut Linda back into modelling and filming industry. 

Jasper smiled and nodded his head. Linda is dead….and when she was going away, she left him the most precious thing in this world. She gave him his Biyu and went. 

For that he is grateful to her and everything she did to him in the past is paid off just because of this reason. He doesn't owe her anything, but Biyu is feeling like she owes her. So, he will support everything Biyu want to do. 

Moreover, it is inevitable to face the things that are waiting for Linda. At some poin or another, Biyu must face them….so why not now??

Everything will be done and Linda's chapter will be finished in their life and they can start it anew. 

"Whatever you like, Biyu. I will always support you in everything but promise me that you will be safe and will not do anything impulsively" Jasper stroked her hair as he said. 

"Same here" Feng and Mingyu said. 

"We will be there to help you" Liam smiled. 

Biyu smiled widely at every one of them. This is exactly the family she craved for. And now, she is very thankful to almighty for letting this happen. 

"Thanks a lot guys. Thank you so much" she said. 


After chatting for a while, Jasper, Liam and Biyu made their way back to their residences. 

"Are you both gonna shift to same house from now??" Liam couldn't help but ask. 

Jasper looked at Biyu asking for her to take the decision. 

He told her that they can take everything slowly and not rush it. 

So, he is keeping his promise now. 

Meanwhile, Biyu didn't hesitate in taking decision. 

"We will. But I was wondering whose house we have to shift to. Mine or Jasper's?" Biyu said making Liam roll his eyes and Jasper chuckle. 

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"Well, Biyu…we are actually thinking of shifting houses. As Braxton corporations will start its official work from next week and including this your fashion line will be going totally public too. In addition to this, you want to take Linda's film and modelling career….so, we will be public figures in no time" Liam told. 

"So, we are shifting to imperial residences from here" Jasper said as he chuckled. 

Biyu would be totally excited because it is where her brothers and Su couple live too. 

As expected, Biyu smiled brightly. 

"I can't wait for our new life to begin. Its going to be so excited with everything" Biyu clapped her hands. 

But little she knew that this will also bring her danger….

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