91 I want to go in alone...

Meanwhile, the video indeed progressed. Just like how Jasper is shocked, Feng and Mingyu were also equally shocked that they couldn't help but ask her questions about their private lives, personal information and other stuff related to it. 

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To their surprise, Linda indeed answered them in a blink of her eye. 

After witnessing this, even Jasper couldn't help but believe it. 

Sometimes, Miracles indeed happen. 

Just like how Mingyu said in the video….it must be a destiny of Biyu to reincarnate into Linda's body. 

In all the huge world, Why did she reincarnate into only Linda? Why not others?? 

May be her destiny is something much more than just their love…..but that didn't matter him anymore. 

Because even Jasper couldn't help but think that it was his destiny too. He is destined to be with his Eve and it indeed happening. 

Just like their names…they are meant to be together!!

He is the happiest person alive on earth. However, things are going to be pretty complicated….yet, with the true love they share and the hardships they have gone through to reach this stage….this complications are nothing

True love is always related to soul but not to body. So, for someone like Jasper who is matured and open minded enough…..he usually don't care about other things except for the fact if he got his true love back. 

And, the footage progressed further. It showed how much Biyu, Mingyu, Feng and Su couple exhausted themselves to retrieve everything back in Biyu's computer. 

The same kind of footage repeated for few days and at last, Biyu and her friends succeeded in opening the computer and regaining it's memories. 

They indeed saw the video and had read the conversation between Austin and Evelyn. Even Biyu who is seeing the video there was surprised. 

As she lost her six months memory, even she was trying to remember the details. 

But after seeing the video, she teared up. 

She honestly didn't expect herself to do it and she was genuinely guilty for what happened. 

Even Jasper saw that with his own eyes. She is in head over heels in love with him. And she didn't regret doing anything of this. 

Even after dying once, she is totally in agreement with what she had done to save him from the danger that he himself doesn't know that it exists. 

And even after going through all these, she was asking her brothers whether Jasper will forgive her… 

Such a silly woman he have got there...but that increased the boundless love for her. 

Turning off the computer, Jasper leaned back and sighed. 

He is not angry on Biyu for what she did. Because, everyone does the mistakes. 

To be frank, his mind is in a mess. He is happy that Biyu is alive and mysteriously reincarnated to Linda's body. At the same time he is confused 

How exactly should he face her…

He is the reason she is dead. He is the reason why Austin used her. 

He is the reason for all those darkest things in her life… 

As he is in deep thought, a car stopped at the main gate and some persons entered the house. 


"You sure that you want to go in and face him?" Feng asked Biyu who is sitting in passenger seat with a nervous expression. 

Mingyu is sitting in back seat staring at her. He is concerned too. Whereas Su Jun and Su Ming are following them in another car….

"I must face him at one or other point. So, why not do it now itself. Honestly…brother….I can't take it anymore." Biyu said as she took a long breathe and placed her palm on her heart. 

"Don't worry Biyu. You saw how he was reacting. He will never turn you down and believe me….he has already forgiven you" Feng said as he patted her head. 

They have been seeing the CCTV footage of what was happening. So, they are aware of everything Jasper is doing inside.  

And by his facial expressions and emotions that are welling up in his deep blue eyes….they knew that he love Biyu so much and he would never do anything to hurt her. 

It is only that…they are little unsure if he really believe in reincarnation or not. 

"Hmm…she is right Feng. Let's get this done. We can't wait any longer. Don't forget that they are yet to face Austin and his boss" Mingyu supported his bestie. 

Feng nodded his head and looked they made their way together into the house. 

By the time they went to the secret floor in underground….they saw Liam standing there in full shock and trance. 

Even he has seen the video and he is flabbergasted by what he saw. Though he came out of the main room to give some privacy….he stood at the other side from where he can see and hear everything. 

When Liam heard them coming he saw Linda with pure wide eyes. 

He is shocked, surprised and is also in awe ..

He actually admire Biyu and had really treated her like a little sister when she was in country X working with them in council and company. 

"I want to go in. Alone" Biyu said as she took long breath again. She is actually holding her breath and this is making her so dizzy because of asthma. 

Liam could only nod his head and give her a way inside. 

Zhou Feng, Lu Mingyu, Su Jun and Su Ming stayed outside the room along with Liam as they saw inside from glass doors. 

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