73 I truly love you Jasper..

"I think, I recorded it because I already know that I will die. May be I was giving you guys a heads up of what have happened" Biyu said in her faint voice. Anguish is obvious in her eyes..  

Feng and Mingyu snapped at her, apparently shocked. 

She knew that there were chances that she will die!!

"Open the video, brother. I hope it explains everything" Biyu's exhausted voice brought them back from their own thoughts. 

Feng silently nodded his head and his hands trembled as his fingers hit the play button on the keyboard. 

(In the video) 

Biyu is sitting in the same chair Feng is sitting now. She looked so tired and heart broken. 

Her eyes are swollen and red while her face is stained with tears….

She looked so pitiful and disorientated…

Anyone would really sympathize because of her plight. 

But… .

Keeping her appearance aside, she looked stubborn and persistent. It is obvious that she is fighting against something….

Meanwhile in the video, Biyu adjusted the camera so that her face will be clearly seen. 

["If you are seeing this video….it means that I am already dead or probably taken away by the enemies. I wish it was the first case rather than getting kidnapped and tortured." Biyu smiled sadly in the video as she tried her level best to act cheerful.]

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[ "I don't know who succeeded in opening this video. But I badly hope that it is Jasper or my brothers. I did a grave and shameful mistakes in my life...I wish you guys will forgive me for my stupidity and selfishness" a tear slipped down her face.]

Meanwhile, Feng and Mingyu exchanged a sorrowful look and turned to stare at their sister who made this awfully sad video. 

"Please continue…" Biyu choked impassively. 

Feng couldn't help but resume the video. 

["I was so stupid to believe that Austin love me. I was so stupid to think that I he is genuine guy....but I was so, so wrong and I was so foolish to help him in spying on Council. At first….I use to think that I was in head over heels in love with him and that I have to help him in sharing his burdens. I was so blinded by his pretentious love that I became so selfish and didn't care about anything other than paving our way for happy future" Biyu laughed but the malice and hatred in her eyes is too significant.]

["But then Jasper became. We started as a mere strangers….later we became a good friends. In short time, I started feeling very comfortable and open with him. But I am muddle headed to still think that it is only friendship. However, as the time passed…..I realized how the true love feels like. I realized that Austin is merely using me"] 

Meanwhile, Feng saw Biyu whose face is paled. He couldn't help but pity her. He patted her head and she leaned her head on his shoulders….her eyes, still glued to screen as she saw her previous self in the video. 

["Jasper, if you are listening this…..please forgive me. When I came for the first time…..my only intention was to help Austin and have a good life with him. I was selfish and blinded by his love…..I was foolish to think that he really loved me and I was inexperienced to judge if he was genuine or not" Biyu laughed as she mocked herself. Wiping out her tears she took a deep breath, composing herself.]

["I betrayed you many times. But after seeing how sincere you are and how good you are, I started having second thoughts…..yet...yet...I don't know what to call myself….idiot? Stupid? And I was still dumb to help him. But, I started to feel guilty to betray a good person….good friend like you….so, I decided to help you in finding Linda. With the help of my friends, I tracked her and found her whereabouts before e mailing you as a anonymous person" Biyu confessed.] 

Su Ming and Su Jun looked at each other and they felt pity for their bestie. So, it was the reason she asked them to help her. 

["After that, I met William and manipulated him….so that you will get a chance to get close to Linda. It is how you got a director position there…I know that it is still tough to forgive me even after what I did….but believe me I hate myself the most for what I did. You treated me as your true friend, yet I betrayed you and backstabbed you" Biyu sniffled as she wiped her tears. But the pain and self hatred is too evident on her petite face.]

Mingyu saw Biyu and he couldn't help but remember what happened in club. So, she have talked with William when they all went to night club together. She tricked William to come so that she can use that chance… 

The room turned quiet as everyone looked at themselves and at last at Biyu who has her eyes closed. Then, the next words totally shocker them… 

["I love you Jasper. I love you a lot" Biyu smiled sadly. "I know that I don't deserve you and I know that I can never get a place in your heart for what I did….but I wanted to tell you that I truly love you and I regret my actions.  I am not asking for your forgiveness either…..because I know that I am not worthy of it" But pursed her lips and controlled her emotions as her lips trembled.]

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